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SSL certificates

FAQ to understand the SSL certificate

Depending on the data transfer to be secured or the domain you wish to equip to obtain the HTTPS address, different certificates are for sale on our site. In the "Buy SSL certificate" page, a purchasing guide allows you to understand the different mentions of an SSL (OV, DV, EV, Wildcard, SAN, multi-domain...).

If you don't know which certificate to choose, our "Find the right certificate" page will guide you through a series of questions to help you find the right SSL certificate for your needs. In addition, for any additional request or additional information, our experts can also be contacted free of charge on +33 185 091 509.

The HTTPS address encrypts the data communicated between the users and the web application
It prevents against Clear Text Password and preserves the confidentiality of the information transferred from the web application or website to the web server. By encrypting its information,   the SSL certificate avoids the circulation of information seized by a malicious individual. The SSL certificate and its HTTPS address (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) favors the natural referencing and reassures users thanks to the identifiable lock on browsers.

Once saved, data is vulnerable, displayed clearly on the server:
 HTTPCS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Certified Secure) is a cyber security technology complementary to the SSL / TLS protocol. With its certification seal as a token of confidence, it guarantees the reliability of a site or a web application to its users. By enabling the correction of security flaws and web vulnerabilities before they are exploited by malicious individuals, it monitors the security, the integrity and the compliance of data on a daily basis: Page, CMS, Image, Framework, Libraries Java Script…

DV : Certificate with Domain Validation

Includes https address + green lock. Ideal for small businesses with low traffic, this domain ownership verification carried out every 2 years minimum can require the generation of a CSR, the validation of an email sent to a general address or Whois and the uploading of a file on the server.

OV: Certificate with Organization Validation

Includes https address + green lock: Exclusively for professionals, this validation is carried out every two years and offers the highest authentication guarantee for a business to its users. It can require the generation of a CSR, the referencing of the business in official sites such as yellow pages or Kompass; forwarding proof of existence of the business or receiving a phone call.

The Extended Validation option gives the highest level of authentication possible. This secure green address bar increases users’ confidence. The certificate with EV is delivered after an OV (Organization Verification) and includes the https Address + green lock + green bar with company name.

Extended validation (EV)

Offering the greatest transparency to users, particularly against phishing, it is recommended for the e-commerce, banking, telecommunications and industrial sectors.

Certificates using SAN (Subject Alternative Names) are powerful tools that secure multiple domain names in an efficient and cost effective way. Issued after an OV, they secure multiple domains and sub domains.

Issued after an OV or a DV, the wildcard certificate secures an unlimited number of sub domains on a server of an unlimited number of servers (details on the product information sheet of the certificate) During the generation of the CSR, the "*" character must be used at the start of the common name.

Use our free online tool to test a CSR.

Use our free online tool to convert an SSL certificate (PEM, DER, PKCS#7, PKCS#12).

To check that your SSL certificate (https:// address) has been correctly installed, we invite you to use our  online tool to check the validity of the SSL certificate.