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4 additional modules to fight against cyber attacks

4 additional modules to fight againstcyber attacks

The HTTPCS Cybersecurity Toolkit is composed of 4 additional modules

to ensure protection against hackers 365 days a year

Whether you have a showcase site, an e-commerce site or a SaaS application, each module will protect you efficiently against the IT threats facing your organization: web vulnerability scanner, website monitoring, threat intelligence platform and web integrity controller. HTTPCS solutions create a powerful shield against hackers.

Don't worry anymore about the security of your websites, adopt the Secure Attitude thanks to HTTPCS.

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The new generation web vulnerability scanner

HTTPCS Security

Why is it necessary to certify a website

What are our new features ?

  • Technologies and known vulnerabilities

  • Notifications sent on a collaborative tools

  • Evolution of the user's or site's score over the last 7 days

  • Score on the HTTPCS Certification Seal

  • Updating monitoring parameters on several sites

  • Ability to download resources on the Integrity product

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Vulnerability scanner - HTTPCS Security

HTTPCS Website Security
Automatic detection of security vulnerabilities

Powerful technology to detect all the flaws of the TOP 10 OWASP, CVE, 0-day ...
This technology only identifies exploitable flaws and thus avoids manual reprocessing.
We give you a 0 false positive guarantee.

HTTPCS Virtual Browser™
Scan with authentication

Our exclusive Virtual Browser ™ technology enables analyzes with authentication.
The configuration is very easy for the user. The technology is compatible with all existing authentication methods.

HTTPCS Website Cartography
Scan 100% of a website’s or a web application’s

System allowing to audit 100% of the web, application and system perimeter.
The use of a real browser makes it possible to scan dynamic content in its entirety.

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Analyze in real time the response times of your website

Website monitoring and performance analysis

Analyze in real time the response times of your website. In the event of unavailability, be informed via alerts and notifications (SMS & email).
More precise than standard ping solutions, we assure you a 99.999% continuity of monitoring service.

We also offer an exclusive Monitoring scenario system that guarantees the operation of your sites to your customers.
Finally, in order to be always more complete, our tool offers DNS monitoring.

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Anticipate hacker attacks
Cyber Vigilance

Detection of Data Leaks and Threat Intelligence

HTTPCS CYBERVIGILANCE continuously monitors web, deepweb and darkweb networks to collect information (documents, data leaks, sensitive information, security breaches, etc.) that concern your company and alerts the affected teams in real time.

Based on the development of robots capable of analyzing hundreds of thousands of sources and targets, CYBERVIGILANCE draws on the targets provided (keywords, domain names, e-mail, etc.) to detect matches and send back the expected information.

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Ensure in real time the consistency, reliability and relevance of the content of your website or your web application

Be notified when your site is being hacked

HTTPCS INTEGRITY allows you to map your site, to spot 404 errors, 301, 302 redirects, etc. like a website crawler, but also to identify all changes deemed fraudulent or the propagation of malicious files (viruses, malware, etc.) on your website.

The tool detects fraudulent redirects such as "You won an iPhone ..". It also detects the different technologies (framework, script, CMS) as well as JavaScript errors. (searchable via a synthetic list).

This tool is essential to ensure the proper functioning of your site.

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Check in a few clicks if your site is vulnerable

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