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How to secure a Magento website ?

Scan the vulnerabilities of your Magento website to prevent from being hacked

You have a website on Magento and you want to make sure that this site is secure. Don't look any further, we have the solution for your Magento website. HTTPCS offers you to ensure your cyber security. With its easy-to-use, turnkey online vulnerability scanner, discover your security vulnerabilities, their criticality levels and how to fix them. Protect yourself from hacking attempts.

Scan of your Magento site for vulnerabilities

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How to launch a security scan of my Magento site?

Secure my Magento site in a few steps

To detect vulnerabilities on your site before they get exploited by a hacker, start a security scan in just a few clicks. Nothing simpler, simply create an HTTPCS account and audit your site (configuration of your choice: default or customizable). Have you corrected your security flaws? Let your users know that their data are secure thanks to a certification seal. You will be compliant with ISO and GDPR.


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Protect your Magento website with our comprehensive cyber security tool

Choose Security by HTTPCS to secure my Magento site from Hackers attacks

HTTPCS offers you a complete solution to protect your ecommerce website against piracy. Compatible with the Magento CMS, the vulnerability scanner detects the slightest security flaw. Despite the multiple themes, extensions and Magento software’s updates, a flaw may be identified at any time!

Don't wait for being a victim of hacking to secure your website. A proactive approach is the key to secure your Magento website. Choose the HTTPCS SECURITY solution.

comprehensive cyber security tool

How to ensure a 360° security of my Magento site?

Additional modules by HTTPCS

To go even further, our 3 complementary tools offer a global security: live verification of your site’s availability, of your content reliability or of any attack that is being prepared against your organization through Cyber Vigilance.

ensure 360° security

A Magento extension is provided free of charge. It is called "HTTPCS Validation" and makes it easier to identify your website. It allows to verify who the owner is, a mandatory step to scan your vulnerabilities.

Once you download and install it, feel free to enter your contact information. Then, the Magento extension creates a single authentication file on your Magento website which validates it.

HTTPCS validation plugin

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What are the cyber risks for a Magento website ?

The importance of securing your Magento site

With more than 800,000 developers, Magento is the CMS which has the largest and most active community. Regularly, plugins and extensions are developed, allowing to implement easily and at low cost, new features on your website. Extensions are developed by the community but are not always verified by professionals. They may contain vulnerabilities which could compromise the availability of your site and the integrity of your data.

Reasons to secure my Magento website ?

Is my Magento site vulnerable ?

In April 2017, web experts discovered a vulnerability to download and execute a malicious code on a server hosting an ecommerce store. With Magento, it is possible to add videos and images as thumbnails in the product list. The vulnerability is within the feature which allows to recover the images and videos. The experts found that pointing the image source to another file type (PHP for example) allowed to download it to be validated. If the tool finds that the file is not an image, it sends back an error but does not delete the file. The uploaded file on the server can now serve as a backdoor. A hacker could use it to navigate on the server, access configuration files and retrieve the site’s database connection credentials. It could have dire consequences as all customer’s information would be compromised and bank details could be sold on the darknet, for example.

To prevent your Magento site from being a victim of hacking, launch your HTTPCS Vulnerability Scan:

Detect vulnerabilities of your Magento website before hackers!