Cyber security for transport and logistics companies

The transport and logistics sectors are not immune to cyber threats. It is necessary to protect information systems and websites of these sectors to avoid hacking (data leakage, ransomwares...). HTTPCS offers to accompany you in the cyber security strategy: security audit (infra and data) or online cybersecurity tool to ensure continuous monitoring, in accordance with ISO standards and principles of the GDPR.

Transport and logistics sectors: risks and challenges of an unsecured site

Logistics experts, airlines and railways, car manufacturers, transport companies... all are concerned by major risks related to the protection of their communication tools, management platforms and information systems.

In the case of compliance control, they have to prove their due diligence regarding their data protection including HR, BtoB, BtoC, logs and IP. Internet has not been designed to transmit sensitive or personal information through applications based on complex and evolving technologies. Interconnections which are necessary for proper functioning of daily activity expose industries and transport actors to major threats that humans cannot manually master by themselves..

Transport services: audit your information system

In compliance with organizational, technical and compliance constraints, the pedagogical approach of HTTPCS supports development of security policy from the chain of development to the production environments. Controlling risks in their operational context is the key to face and reduce cyber impacts in a continuous monitoring process. Awareness and protection of these players is a strategic imperative, a leverage of productivity, trust and stakeholders retention.

HTTPCS allows these organizations to protect all critical aspects of their activities, from users to applications, including terminals and infrastructures. HTTPCS provides adapted solutions and services to help them to achieve effective security policies that may directly impact their competitivenes.

Computer security tool adapted to the transport and logistics sectors

HTTPCS Security is a tool to ensure the security of a website or a web application. Online, accessible via a web platform, it allows you to audit a website on a daily basis, in an automated way. Every day or every week, receive detailed reports of vulnerabilities identified on your website. The report will specify whether they are critical or not and also how you can make corrections.

Finally, reassure Internet users with a certification seal affixed to your site. They will then know that there is no danger to leave personal data, in compliance with ISO laws and GDPR standards.