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How to secure a Prestashop ecommerce website ?

Scan the vulnerabilities of your Prestashop website to prevent from being hacked

You manage a Prestashop e-commerce website and you want to ensure the cyber security and data protection of this website. HTTPCS has developed for you a dedicated cyber security offer compatible with all CMS. Whether it is a showcase or an e-commerce website, a hacking computer could generate serious consequences. Do not neglect the security of your site.

Scan of your Prestashop site for vulnerabilities

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start a security scan

How to launch a security scan of my Prestashop site?

I secure my Prestashop site in a 6 steps

To detect vulnerabilities on your site before they get exploited by a hacker, start a security scan in just a few clicks. Once the flaws are corrected, reassure your users with the HTTPCS certification seal to prove that your website is secure, reliable and compliant with ISO 27001-27002 and GDPR.


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Protect your Prestashop website with our comprehensive cyber security tool

Choose Security by HTTPCS to secure my Prestashop site from Hackers attacks

Compatible with the Prestashop CMS, the HTTPCS solution protects its ecommerce website against computer piracy. Despite the many themes, modules and software’s updates, a vulnerability still may happen at any time! Be the first to know and react as quickly as possible.

Don't wait for being hacked ! Have a proactive approach to secure your website with HTTPCS SECURITY.

comprehensive cyber security tool

How to ensure a 360° security of my Prestashop site?

Additional modules by HTTPCS

Want to go even further? Our complementary tools offer a complete site security: check in real time your site's availability, the reliability of your content or run a cyber watch to be notified once you become a target for hackers.

ensure 360° security

We provide you with a free Prestashop module called "HTTPCS Validation" to facilitate the authentication of your website (to prove that you are the owner). Thus, this website can be scanned by our robot to detect its vulnerabilities.

Once you download and install it, all you have to do is enter your contact details. Then, the module creates a single authentication file in your Prestashop which allows our tool to validate your site.

HTTPCS validation plugin

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What are the cyber risks for a Prestashop website?

The importance of securing your Prestashop site

Prestashop is more and more popular among web users and is often the target of cyber-attacks. Modules and themes are developed by the community but are not always verified by professionals. They can cause vulnerabilities that could compromise your website availability and your data integrity.

Reasons to secure my Prestashop website ?

Is my Prestashop site vulnerable ?

If you use Prestashop, you have probably heard about the security flaw which compromised all versions up to 1.6.1. This vulnerability was present in the password generation system of the administration. The passwords were not generated randomly enough and could be predicted (under certain complex conditions) by a malicious person. This vulnerability can have serious consequences because a malicious person, with an access to the administration, would have a total control of the e-commerce website. He could be able to add, delete or modify prices, access to all your data (customer information), act on the availability of your website... Even if this vulnerability has been corrected by Prestashop, it may have all sites using this technology since all the versions were impacted.

To prevent your Prestashop site from being a victim of hacking, launch your HTTPCS Vulnerability Scan:

Detect vulnerabilities of your Prestashop ecommerce website before hackers!