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Cybersecurity and Public Administration

Cyber risks and cyber attacks are today real online threats. We regularly hear about piracy of commercial websites or large companies. Although little mentioned, public administrations are targets with an important role in the lives of citizens.

Cybersecurity and Public Administration

Computer security tool adapted to public administrations

HTTPCS meets the needs for ongoing and prompt monitoring of administrations to protect them against hackers, security violation or compliance whatever the technical environments and the human resources are.

  • HTTPCS Security : this tool automatically detects security flaws in a website or a web application on a daily basis. Without technical expertise, be alerted to vulnerabilities and have the patches to apply to prevent hacking. An offensive cyber security to fight upstream hackers.
  • HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance : this tool offers a hacker network watch (network called also deep web or dark web). It allows you to be alerted when you become the target of hackers. An indispensable for the security of its data!
HTTPCS - IT security tool

Cybersecurity Training & awareness among administrations

ZIWIT ACADEMY ensures security awareness of administration team as well as skill transfer toward information systems department. The understanding of impact studies and cyber risks associated to their sector's specificities enables the development of appropriate security policies. Good practices implementation, understanding of basics intrusions technics and Information System Security Management contribute to the protection of each public organization

Ziwit Academy - Cybersecurity Training & awareness

Public administrations: Detect vulnerabilities of your site before hackers!

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