Cybersecurity for Banking and Insurance

IT security tool adapted to insurance and banks

Infringement to integrity, security, availability and compliance is a major risk with impacts as wide as the diversity of this changing sector that includes physical and dematerialized banks, insurance, providence, fintech and crowdfunding... Investments in human resources and equipment in qualified tools have not evolved at the same pace as the number of the cyber-risks these players are exposed to, especially mass attacks, targeted threats and internal compromision.

HTTPCS trains, supports and equips them with solutions adapted to their specific concerns in the respect of their technical and human constraints.

HTTPCS Availability


Real time reporting of apps availability with error reports.

HTTPCS Integrity


Checking informations integrity at predefined time intervals, identifying suspicious changes and vulnerable contents.

HTTPCS Confidentiality


Ensuring confidentiality of information with access to only authorized entities especially by daily testing privilege escalation. Reports, vulnerabilities and information are encrypted and can also be stored in an autonomous and disconnected Appliance.

HTTPCS Control & Non-repudiation

Control & Non-repudiation

The archived reports and the operations management system enable a reliable traceability of the implemented procedures exploitable by a control entity.