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Cyber security for the banking and insurance industry

Banks and insurance companies are dream targets for hackers. Personal and banking data are collected and can be stolen at any time. The slightest security breach can have disastrous consequences on such a service. That's why HTTPCS offers security audits and continuous monitoring with its high-performance cyber security tool. Take a proactive approach and avoid hacking with this indispensable HTTPCS Security !

Cyber security for the banking and insurance industry
HTTPCS - IT security tool

Computer security tool adapted to banks and insurances websites

Exposed by mass attacks, targeted attacks or even internal attacks, banks and insurance companies have every interest to effectively counter cyber threats. HTTPCS trains them, accompanies them and equips them with tools in this offensive strategy to avoid computer piracy.
These tools, used in the respect of their technical and human constraints allow them:

HTTPCS Availability


Be notified in real time when the website or web application becomes unavailable.

HTTPCS Integrity


Check that the website information is identical, at predefined time intervals. Identify suspicious changes and vulnerable content.

HTTPCS Confidentiality


Ensuring confidentiality of information with access to only authorized entities especially by daily testing privilege escalation. Reports, vulnerabilities and information are encrypted and can also be stored in an autonomous and disconnected Appliance.

HTTPCS Control & Non-repudiation

Control & Non-repudiation

The archived reports and the operations management system enable a reliable traceability of the implemented procedures exploitable by a control entity.

Identify the security flaws of your website before the hackers!

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Reassure your visitors about the security and compliance of your banking website

Reassure your users by proving the security of your website with the recognized HTTPCS certification seal. This seal tells your visitors that they can leave their personal data freely without fear that they may be exploited or stolen by hackers. Indeed, this seal is updated as soon as the faults of your site which were detected are indeed corrected. A trusted mark for your users, reassured to see your compliance with ISO and GDPR standards.

HTTPCS - Computer Security Certification Seal