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General Data Protection Regulation - HTTPCS Compliance

As of May 25, 2018, companies must have initiated their compliance procedures with the new requirements imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In the field of personal data protection, the GDPR is a revolution for companies. It provides a framework for data processing that has been exploited by them for too long, without consumers' knowledge.

In an increasingly digital world, Europe has thus sought to remind the importance of protecting fundamental rights and freedoms. It offers natural persons the right to reclaim their intangible data.

Our GDPR compliance, your guarantee:

Our compliance with the GDPR allows us to offer you increased protection thanks to a clear policy based on 3 objectives:

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A reinforced control: the core of the GDPR aims for giving you back the power over your data. Ziwit is commited to answering quickly to any request concerning them (right to forget, right of opposition...)

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Transparency: it appears as a safeguard for the implementation of the European regulation on the protection of personal data. That is why Ziwit is committed to providing you with all the information you need to understand the processing /circulation of your data in a clear way.

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Respect for your consent: attentive to your expectations and in compliance with the GDPR, we have highlighted on our site all the essential elements so that your decision is made in full knowledge of the facts (no pop-out, pre-filled box...)

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Our HTTPCS system guarantees you the optimal protection of your data against any type of malicious action. Thanks to Ziwit, your data is protected against cyber attacks.

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The conformity of our partners: it’s because we want to protect you stronger that we can certify you that all our subcontractors are in regularity with the GDPR law.

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