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Signature of applications and software for publishers
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What is the Code Signing certificate for?

Protect your applications or software
The Code Signing certificate allows developers to digitally sign the applications and software they distribute over the Internet. It allows them to:
  • Protect the source code against modifications that have not been made by the publisher.
  • Prove to the user that the program is legitimate, that it is not a virus / trojan.
  • Protect your reputation and develop a relationship of trust with your customers.
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SSL certificates

TrustSign, Comodo, Sectigo, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte


Code Signing certificates are compatible
with most platforms

Microsoft Authenticode

Microsoft Authenticode

A Microsoft Authenticode certificate enables you to digitally sign 32-bit and 64-bit user-mode and Windows ActiveX controls. The file types that are supported are .exe, .dll, .cab, .ocx et .xpi. Provider for Microsoft Windows® Logo programmes.



A Sun Java certificate enables you to digitally sign applications for Sun Java and object files for Mozilla and Netscape. The file type that is supported is .jar. The signature will automatically be recognised by Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Microsoft Office et VBA

Microsoft Office and VBA

A Microsoft Office and Visual Basic for Applications certificate is for VBA developers who are willing to digitally sign Microsoft VBA objects and macros for Microsoft Office and other third party applications that may use Visual Basic for Applications.

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR

An Adobe AIR certificate enables you to digitally sign your Adobe AIR creations. The file types that are supported are .air or .airi. This signature is compulsory if you want to open an Adobe AIR application.

Apple Mac OS

Apple Mac OS

An Apple Mac OS certificate enables you to digitally sign tools, applications, scripts and other codes for Mac OS from Apple. This certificate is only available from Thawte for Apple Mac OS 9 and Apple Mac OS X.

how does the Code Signing certificate work

original code

Original code

hashed code

Hashed code

encrypted signature

Encrypted signature

signed code

Signed code


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