Cybersecurity for communication and event companies

IT security tool adapted to the event and communication sector

Oftenly victim of mass or targeted attacks, media and web actors are most of the time ill-equipped against cyber risks. However, cyber security can deeply affect their activity and reputation. An exposition that also concerns event agencies in the sport, business and cultural sectors.

Their activity depends on the quality of their data base, traffic and audience, at the same time they are a prime target to massively spread malicious messages and propaganda by hackers. However, these agencies are most of the time not sheltered from these risks and sometimes even unaware of the existing stakes related to their own cyber security.

Malware Hacker Protection

HTTPCS helps to continuously keep an high level of vigilance adapted to their technical constraints as well as markets' expectations. Using training, upon request consulting or proactive and reliable solutions HTTPCS protects them and enhance trust of their stakeholders.

This important exposure is associated to a complex and unstable technical environment where hackers can find new opportunities at any time with the continuous production relaunch. When a multimedia leader was victim of a leakage of 200 000 internal data, the loss of customers and employees trust has been immediate ! Therefore HTTPCS proposes a complete proactive management of cyber-risks linked to media and events organisations, in order to :

  • Prevent from financial, organizational impactsPrevent from financial, organizational impacts
  • Preserving accountability of natural and legal personsPreserving accountability of natural and legal persons
  • Improve recognicion and reputationImprove recognicion and reputation