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Cyber security for the tourism and leisure sectors

Hotels, casinos, organization dedicated to tourism and leisure... an overloaded market where the slightest mistake can have unprecedented consequences. The risk of intrusion, data theft or leakage must not be neglected for this demanding sector confronted to a constant evolution of regulation.

Tourism and leisure: risks and challenges of an unsecured site

Attracting new customers, retaining operational teams, adapting activities to digital trends demanded by the market are improvement goals as well as cyber risks to face. Leak and theft of data can affect navigation cookies, booking history, personal details of prospects, customers and employees... However a large majority of these actors is not aware of the impacts of such an attack on its medium and short-term activities.

Trust and reputation are key assets for competitiveness. Players of this market must hedge proactively against all types of cyber attacks in order to :

  • Keep employees and stakeholders trustKeep employees and stakeholders trust
  • Ensure confidentiality of their customers dataEnsure confidentiality of their customers data
  • Preserve e-reputation and brand imagePreserve e-reputation and brand image
  • Maintain referencing of their applications and conversion ratesMaintain referencing of their applications and conversion rates
  • Comply with standards and regulationsComply with standards and regulations

Computer security tool adapted to the tourism and leisure sectors

HTTPCS Security allows you to identify security flaws in a website or web application. On a daily basis, the "robot" will scan the site using every possible path and thus detect vulnerabilities that it will exploit itself. Thus, only exploitable faults will be reported in the daily or weekly report. This is called the "zero false positive" guarantee.

You will then have the type of vulnerability, its criticality level and the associated patches to fix the vulnerability before it can be exploited by hackers. A proactive approach to avoid piracy.


Reassure your Internet users with the clickable "cyber security" certification seal

By affixing this computer security certification seal, you assure your customers that they are surfing on a reliable website that complies with ISO and RGPD standards. An excellent way to differentiate yourself by a professional and reassuring website.

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