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Detection of Data Leaks and Threat Intelligence

HTTPCS CYBERVIGILANCE watches continuously the web, deep web and dark web to collect information (documents, data leakage, sensitive information, security flaws…) which relates to your company and alerts your teams in real time.
With its entirely automated approach, HTTPCS CYBERVIGILANCE is the most reliable and cost-effective cyberwatch and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) solution in the market.
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HTTPCS Monitoring Technology

The most powerful cyberwatch / Threat Intelligence tool in the market

Based on the observation that only an automated approach could be fast and exhaustive enough to review continuously hundreds of sources in the web, deep web and dark web, HTTPCS has worked closely with its clients and partners for several years to develop the most powerful Cyberwatch solution in the market.

Web, deep web and dark web monitoring

The goal of CYBERVIGILANCE is to collect sensitive information related to your company to offer you a 360° view of its presence in the networks. Its playing field is the web, the deep web and the dark web. HTTPCS CYBERVIGILANCE detects the critical information that the IT teams could have missed: indeed, our clients are able to act before potential attackers and to control efficiently their vulnerability.

Based on the robots that our R&D team developed, able to analyse hundred of thousands of sources and targets, CYBERVIGILANCE uses the provided targets (keywords, domain names, e-mail…) to detect any match and pass the wanted information.

Several types of files (images, pdf, doc, xls, ...) are collected through OSINT from various public sources (Pastebin, Zoomeye, Shodan, ...). These files are scanned thanks to optical character recognition tools (OCR).

With HTTPCS, get a head start on hackers and react before it's too late!

Data leakage detection, confidential files/documents, security flaws…

Most of the times, companies which suffered from hacking or data theft are the only ones to ignore they are being victim of an attack. Defacement, page hijacking, detected vulnerabilities or data theft… hackers loves to brag about their exploits in the web or deep web to increase their renown or resell their findings.

A large number of encrypted, non-indexed and so not accessible websites from classic search engines are in the dark web. In most cases, hackers share their information there.

HTTPCS CYBERVIGILANCE scans the web, the deep web and the darknet to gather this information and makes them available for our clients.

Big Data : the largest source of critical data

Domain squatting and typosquatting detection

This solution can detect, analyse and categorize the domains used in the context of typosquatting (ex: refund-irs-gov.com, bankofamericaa.com).
Domains can be used as an attack vector in classic phishing or spear phishing campaign aimed at your employees.
This tool allows you to monitor your domain, brand, product names… (detection of domain squatting)
By detecting suspicious domains early, you can proactively act on attacks and thus protect your business interests.

Détection du domain squatting

Social media monitoring (SOCMINT)

HTTPCS Cybervigilance uses its technology based on artificial intelligence to monitor your reputation on social networks (Twitter, Xing, Reddit, Linkedin etc...)
As such, it is part of the SOCMINT or SMI type tools.

Surveillance des réseaux sociaux
Real time alerts 24/7

The SMS and/or e-mail HTTPCS alerts are sent in real time (unlimited number of recipients).

More about the live HTTPCS Cyberattacks map

API integration

The HTTPCS REST API allows the integration of CYBERVIGILANCE into your runs and tools (Jira, Splunk, ServiceNow…) allowing you to deal with each incident very fast while mobilizing minimal staff.

HTTPCS CYBERVIGILANCE helps you in the incident management prioritization. At a glance, you can assess the criticality of the information.

Technical and Account manager support included

A dedicated Account Manager, assisted with a security experts teams, is in charge of your project. We support you through the onboarding and customization of the product.

In tune with you, we offer constantly relevant solutions to meet your needs, whereas it is via existing options or customized developments.

Support technique et commercial HTTPCS

Our customers attest to their experience with HTTPCS

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  • Web, deep web and darknet monitoring
  • Detection of threats
  • Receiving alerts
  • Unlimited alerts 24/7 by email and text
  • Only 1 recipient for the alerts
  • 1 target to choose / subscription
  • No installation fee
    Technical support included
    No commitment

$ 395

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  • Web, deep web and darknet monitoring
  • Detection of threats
  • Receiving alerts
  • Unlimited alerts 24/7 by email and text
  • Unlimited number of Recipients for the alerts
  • 5 targets to choose / subscription
  • No installation fee
    Technical support included
    No commitment


$ 590 / site

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Managed Services

Our SaaS HTTPCS solutions can be fully managed so you can benefit from the expertise of product engineers to optimize your vulnerability management.

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The interactive HTTPCS map allows you to visualize, in real time, cyberattacks worldwide. HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance alerts you when a threat that could affect you is found.


Your user dashboard can be accessed directly from your user account at www.httpcs.com. No installation is required on your server. Create an HTTPCS account et login to your user dashboard.

The support of your cybervigilance policy benefits from the expertise of a dedicated Account Manager, your single contact available by email and phone.

Frequently asked questions about Cyber Vigilance

What is Cyber Vigilance?

Being Cyber Vigilant or practicing cyber vigilance, is to adopt simple reflexes, advocated by regulatory bodies to protect your business effectively against cyber threats. HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance helps businesses anticipate cyberattacks by maintaining a constant cyber watch.

Who should use HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance ?

HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance is aimed at all companies, whatever their size, who want to be warned before their infrastructure is attacked and their data hacked.

If you find hacked data, it's already too late, right?

HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance scans the web and the deep web in order to gather a maximum of information on what hackers say. When they quote you or say they have stolen data, that does not mean that they have already exploited them! This is exactly the right time to react quickly and get all passwords changed, for example, before hackers have a chance to act.

How can HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance scan the deep web?

HTTPCS has deployed robots, called Virtual Agents, on the web and deep web: they navigate and scan this parallel network in search of sensitive or even critical information.

Be cyber vigilant with HTTPCS, and anticipate cyber attacks !

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