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You would like to have a cyberattack taken care of very quickly? Call on the Ziwit Incident Response Team!

92%. This the actual percentage of French companies which have been targeted by a cyberattack in 2017 (source : Cesin) Cybercrime is more than ever a hot topic that can’t be ignored anymore.

When it comes to ransomware, data theft or data breach, the security of your company could be negatively affected at any time.

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Ziwit incident response team

Ziwit Incident Response: who are we?

Becoming aware of an attack can be a very distressing situation for your company, especially if there is no emergency plan to immediately implement.

It is in this emergency context that the Incident Response unit works alongside your company to take care of your security incident and limit its negative consequences. Our trained response team can manage any types of attacks (ransomware, phishing, malicious vulnerability permitted by XSS vulnerability, data theft…).

With a complete remediation protocol, our team of experts fixes the vulnerability to make sure that your normal activity is restored as soon as possible.

To find out more and receive an immediate cover, please go to our dedicated web page about emergency interventions on Ziwit.com

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What can I do while waiting to be taken care of by HTTPCS Experts?

Reacting (well) in the event of a hacking attack is crucial, since it can lead to serious consequences. This is not only for your reputation, but also for the survival of your company, depending on the dangerousness of the threat…

While waiting for the Ziwit Incident Response Team to handle your incidents, or simply as a precaution, you can request our free practical guideline in the event of a cyber-attack.

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Effective protection against hacker attacks with the HTTPCS suite

Don’t let a cyber terrorist stepping into new security breaches and be a threat for the security of your company. You can act now by offering your company a 360-degrees security. HTTPCS by Ziwit provides a complete protection again cyber threats for all types of companies in order to ensure their sustainability.

Effective protection against hacker attacks with the HTTPCS suite

The SECURITY web vulnerability scanner traces all the security breaches on your website to keep you from being hacked and from data theft.

The CYBER VIGILANCE solution warns you in real time when you become a hacker's target, with darknet and dark network intrusions. Beat the cybercriminal plans and avoid your business to be threatened.

HTTPCS INTEGRITY will promptly notify you of any unusual changes detected on your website or web application. With its detailed mapping, the innovative integrity checker lets you to know at a glance if you are a victim of hacking and how to react appropriately.