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Cybersecurity for e-commerce website

Cyber threats are present everywhere, regardless of the industry. However, merchant websites are obviously one of the favourite targets of hackers. The reason is simple: they necessarily contain sensitive data and especially banking data. From there, cyber risks are very real and the consequences of hacking can lead to considerable revenue losses or even the closure of the e-commerce website itself.

E-commerce: risks and challenges of an unsecured website?

None of any companies has chosen to be vulnerable, however proactive management of the cyber risks they are exposed to preserve image and competitiveness. Intrusion techniques are always more sophisticated while applications, very quickly placed on the market, are becoming more and more complex in order to meet new purchase habits of Internet users.

Indeed, from data theft (cookies, orders, personal contact details...) to introduction of malicious code on websites and advertising banners, e-merchants are a prime target for attackers. However most of them are not aware of cyber security impacts and often have unsuitable technical and organizational environments : CMS including known uncorrected security vulnerabilities (CVE), non-compliant plugins, unprotected Forms, vulnerable data...

Security issues have to be mastered since prejudices related to them are important such as temporary or definitive interruption of activity, loss of image and reputation. HTTPCS combines the maintenance of commercial activity with data security

Computer security tool adapted to merchant websites

HTTPCS proposes an offer adapted to ecommerce sites. Easy to use and compatible with all CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Drupal...), the innovative vulnerability scanner can detect security holes on a website. Don't wait to be attacked, put yourself in the shoes of a hacker and hack into your own site with the intelligent HTTPCS robot. This robot will automatically find its way and discover exploitable vulnerabilities as they occur. A detailed report allows you to understand what the flaws are, whether they are critical or not and, above all, how to correct them.
HTTPCS combines business and data security, e-reputation protection and compliance. Optimize security time to focus on online sales activities. Cybersecurity thus becomes a real working tool that optimizes competitiveness, Internet users' confidence and natural referencing.


Cyber security certification seal reassures Internet users

HTTPCS allows, once the security flaws are corrected, to obtain a certification seal in order to prove the security of the website. An essential commitment for online users, to be used as a differentiating argument. This clickable seal, integrated into the website and visible to all is identifiable by customers. It reassures surfers and increases the conversion rate.

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