Cyber Security for Healthcare Professionals

IT security tool adapted to companies in the healthcare sector

Health and well-being professionals, e-health solutions and IoT publishers, or institutions : all are exposed to increasing cyber risks. These sensitive actors must adopt a proactive approach to maintain confidentiality and compliance, especially considering technological and regulatory changes.

The services performed impact directly the level of criticality of each collected data : personal data, schedules, IT services, maps or Patient forms information... Data lost or used by a third party, a former collaborator or a malicious external attacker may significantly impact responsible organizations at all levels. Therefore it is essential that these actors rely on systematic and offensive controls.

HTTPCS consulting

HTTPCS CONSULTING offers security and compliance audits in order to secure part or all of information system, particularly being based on the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

HTTPCS SECURITY is a reliable technology that enables its users to perform their own security audits in order to ensure complete monitoring of their web, application and systems' environments. This complete and zero false positive guaranteed tool evaluates risks incurred by the target, details corrective measures to be applied as well as ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 impacted standards.

HTTPCS security

Health actors, essential services operators or independent, HTTPCS answers each security issue in accordance with the prerequisites and constraints of the sector, particularly by ensuring :

  • Operational maintain and protection of SaaS softwares, extranet, websites, applications and addresses (URL / IP)Operational maintain and protection of SaaS softwares, Extranet, websites, applications and addresses (URL / IP)
  • Proactive and reliable monitoring of data regardless of their natureProactive and reliable monitoring of data regardless of their nature
  • Applications availabilityApplications availability
  • Data confidentialityData confidentiality
  • Integrity of IT processingsIntegrity of IT processings