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How to secure Joomla website from hackers ?

HTTPCS provides you with a powerful tool to secure your Joomla website. This cyber security product is compatible with all CMS. It is accessible, via a web interface, and helps to protect you from hacking. To do this, simply create an account and launch an online audit (default or advanced mode configuration). Once the scan is done, you will be able to discover your security vulnerabilities, their criticality levels and especially how to correct them. Reassure your customers with a secure, reliable site that complies with ISO 27001-27002 standards and GDPR principles.

What is joomla ?

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Joomla is a free CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to create and manage websites very simply and which does not require any particular technical knowledge. Joomla occupies second place, just behind WordPress, in the ranking of the most used CMS in the world (6.2% market share). The tool has recorded more than 30 million downloads since 2006 (1 download every 2.5 sec.). In all, 2.8% of sites in the world use the Joomla CMS.

As for its competitors, it is possible to extend the functionality of the CMS by adding extensions. Joomla offers over 9,400 extensions on its marketplace. The extensions are developed by members of the Joomla community, which represents about 560,000 people. However, these are not always verified by professionals. They can therefore be at the origin of vulnerabilities that can jeopardize your site and its data.

What are the cyber security risks for a Joomla website ?

In 2016, Joomla was hit successively by two security flaws deemed critical. These two flaws are referenced in the CVE system. The first, listed as CVE-2016-8870, allows you to create one or several users due to a verification failure even if the administrator has disabled the process.

The second, identified by the code CVE-2016-8869, was discovered few days later by the Joomla Security Strike Team (JSST) and could be used as a complement to the the first vulnerability. This second is particularly dangerous because it allows you to modify the privileges of a user account which could perform unauthorized actions.

In December 2015, the famous CMS had already faced a vulnerability that had serious repercussions. Due to a vulnerability present in version 3.4.6 of the CMS, a wave of attacks has affected the owners of Joomla website. The security company Sucuri revealed that the flaw has generated 16,000 attacks per day.

Protect your Joomla website with our comprehensive cyber security tool

Our HTTPCS solution is fully compatible with Joomla CMS. Accessible to all and easy to use, the online scan detects the vulnerabilities of a website. Receive after daily audits the detected faults, their criticality levels and how to correct them. Indeed, despite the multiple themes updates, extensions and the software itself, a security flaw could quickly occur! Don't wait until you are the victim of a cyber attack to protect your website. Take a proactive approach to securing your site with the HTTPCS SECURITY tool.

Opt also for our complementary products: check in real time your website's availability, the reliability of content or dark web monitoring to alert you immediately when you become the target of black hat hackers.

The « HTTPCS Validation » extension facilitates the authentication of your Joomla website

Our team of web experts has developed a Joomla extension that facilitates the validation of your site so that vulnerability scanning can be performed.

This extension called "HTTPCS Validation" is available for free on our site. Once installed, you only have to fill in your details. The Joomla extension will create a unique identification file that will allow HTTPCS to simply validate your site.

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