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Being trained to protect yourself from hackers and cyberattacks

Securing your IS is a priority, and so is educating your coworkers!

Educating everyone (partners, employees, interns, contractors) is essential to guard against cybersecurity rising issues. Spreading good practices while combining education and comprehension of the cyber-risks involved can significantly reduce the threats.

French and international companies or organizations, whatever their sector, their size or their structure are potential targets for hackers, who do not care if you are a “large group” and a “SME”. Making your partners, associates or contractors aware of cybersecurity dangers will make a difference in case of a real attack. Securing your IS is essential, and so is teaching good reflexes.

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Ziwit Academy, organization specialized in cybersecurity trainings

Your expert partner in IT security

HTTPCS by Ziwit is part of many IT security solutions and services provided by the Ziwit company, European leader in Offensive Cybersecurity.

The Ziwit Academy is an approved training center which belongs to the Ziwit company, and benefits from all of its experience and cybersecurity technological innovations.

Ziwit secures over 9,200 customers around the world: trainings, awareness trainings, audits, pentest, SaaS solutions, vulnerability scanner and manual penetration tests.

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Ziwit Academy, IT security training

Why choose the Ziwit Academy for your IT security trainings?

Your cybersecurity is our priority!

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Our educational team and our cybersecurity experts are at your service for any training or awareness training whatsoever. Ask for a quote and get in touch with our team to create together the training that will best meet your coworkers’ needs.

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Frequently asked questions about the IT security trainings

How much does a Ziwit Academy training cost?

The cost of an IT security training depends on various factors like the units chosen, your coworkers level, the duration or place of the training. Our prices vary and are adjusted to the training chosen. Our Account Managers are at your disposal to provide a custom quote.

What level of expertise should I have to attend a cybersecurity training?

The Ziwit Academy educational team adjusts the content of its training in accordance with your profile, your occupation and the participants’ level of knowledge. Our trainings are provided for two levels: a beginner level and an expert level.

Why attend a cybersecurity training if my company has never been attacked?

Our trainings, in addition to cybersecurity tools, can teach you to anticipate cyberattacks and secure your infrastructures and IS. IT security applies for every company and each employee can affect your security by being a potential entry point for a hacker. Raising your coworkers’ awareness is one of the best ways to protect yourself from cyberattacks.

As a private individual, can I attend the Ziwit Academy cybersecurity trainings?

Our trainings are only available for a professional audience. We provide trainings and awareness trainings accessible for every public or private body. All our training programs can be adjusted to the participants’ profile: from expert technical teams to beginners.