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Cyber security for IT companies, web agencies, telecom operators

NICT actors, Telecom Operators, ISPs (Internet service Providers) but also publishers, web agencies, hosting providers and integrators, all are gathered around common issues : Data protection & management of emerging risks related to their activities.

Cyber security for IT companies, web agencies, telecom operators

Security audit solutions for the IT and telecom sectors

While reducing operational costs HTTPCS deals with their issues by deploying adapted solutions and services in the respect of their specificities and market trends :

  • Strong development of cloud and dematerialized solutions
  • No manual retreatment required owing to reliable results
  • Subscription to high added value managed services
  • Security supervision in shared management
  • Outsourcing of activities related to protection of web application perimeter
  • Traceability of implemented security protocols
HTTPCS - Computer Security Certification Seal

IT security tool adapted to IT services companies, web agencies and telecom operators

HTTPCS Security is an online solution to ensure the security of a website or web application. The number of sites to audit is unlimited on the same interface and will allow you to get detailed reports on each of the websites you manage.

Partnerships are possible depending on the number of websites to be treated. Reassure your customers who will be able to affix on their site a recognized certification seal reassuring their net surfers on the reliability of the site. An expected and differentiating element for your customers and therefore for you! Be proactive and differentiate yourself by offering your customers an effective cyber security tool to avoid hacking.

Technical environments are continuously confronted to complex evolutions. It requires from security consultants, integrators, web Agencies, ISPs and Managed Security Services Provider to adapt their cyber security policy. Their collaboration with HTTPCS , as a trusted third party, enables them to meet new requirements of users while efficiently facing the new challenges of IT security.

HTTPCS - IT security tool

Identify vulnerabilities on your websites before hackers can exploit them!

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