Cybersecurity for IT services companies, web agencies, telecom operators...

IT security tool adapted to telecoms / IT

Opérateurs télécoms

NICT actors, Telecom Operators, ISPs (Internet service Providers) but also publishers, web agencies, hosting providers and integrators, all are gathered around common issues : Data protection & management of emerging risks related to their activities.

European regulations as well as international legislation quick evolution require the implementation of strict and documented procedures, that also reassure customers, partners, suppliers, BtoC and BtoB contacts, administrations...

In view of growing concerns of these ever more demanding actors, IT and TELCO players have to quickly adapt and implement cyber security policy. Cyber security is mendatory for them but also represents a competitive advantage as well as a way to accelerate business and improve customers' retention.

While reducing operational costs HTTPCS deals with their issues by deploying adapted solutions and services in the respect of their specificities and market trends :

  • Développement massif de solutions cloud et dématérialiséesStrong development of cloud and dematerialized solutions
  • Suppression du retraitement manuel au profit de la réduction des délais de remédiationNo manual retreatment required owing to reliable results
  • Adhésion aux services managés à forte valeur ajoutéeSubscription to high added value managed services
  • Supervision de sécurité en gestion partagéeSecurity supervision in shared management
  • Externalisation des activités liées à la protection des périmètre web et applicatifOutsourcing of activities related to protection of web application perimeter
  • Traçabilité des protocoles sécuritaires mis en œuvreTraceability of implemented security protocols

Technical environments are continuously confronted to complex evolutions. It requires from security consultants, integrators, web Agencies, ISPs and Managed Security Services Provider to adapt their cyber security policy. HTTPCS, as a trusted third party, enables them to meet new requirements of users while efficiently facing the new challenges of IT security.