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ZIWIT cybersecurity experts perform your IT security audits on site or remotely

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Six security audit methods followed by our experts

Ziwit Consultancy Services offers you customized cybersecurity audits adapted to your business environment.

Discuss with our Account Managers to identify which type of audits you need.

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Our Cybersecurity expertise at your service

A team exclusively based in France for your on-site or remote audits

Our team is composed of cyber-experts and Pentesters based in France who are at your service to perform any on-site or remote audit.

Our experts conduct audits for companies andpublic organizations of all sizes to assess their IS security level.

This intervention allows you to improve your security, to reassure your clients, partners and prospects as well as to bring awareness to your employees in terms of IT security in your organization.

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Clear and comprehensive cyber security reports

Benefit from all of our cyber-experts’ advices our cyber-experts and from the detailed corrections to apply

Following your organization audit, you will receive a personalized report with all the elements reported by our experts and the good practices to daily apply to improve the security of your IT system:

  • Detailed information oneach unique security vulnerability by criticality level
  • Information about all detected vulnerabilities
  • Impacted standards
  • Impacted regulation
  • Correctives to apply
  • List of the PCI-DSS Good Practices

Our reports appreciated by both management and technical experts because they are structured in such a way that they understood by all.

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Penetration test report

The Cybersecurity Certification by Ziwit Consultancy Services

Gain the trust of all stakeholders in your ecosystem

Ziwit experts check afterwards if the corrections have been applied properly, in order to deliver the Ziwit Cybersecurity certification valid for 1 year. This certification is a real guarantee of trust that you can assert to your partners, investors, regulatory authorities or any other stakeholder wishing to ensure the integrity, security and reliability of your IT system.

  • PCI DSS, RGPD, HIPAA compliance assessment
  • Assistance in in obtaining ISO 27001 & ISO 27002 certification
  • IS security audit, including workstations and telephony
  • Websites, business or e-commerce applications security audit
  • Web Services Security Audit
  • Infrastructure Services Security Audit

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Our experts are at your disposal whatever your cybersecurity problem or need is. Ask for your quote and discuss with our team to receive the service that best suits your situation.

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Your satisfaction and safety are our daily priorities.

Frequently asked questions about IT security audits

Why perform an IT security audit?

Technological advance has made IS more vulnerable because they are more open and connected, especially since threats are more and more complex and expanded. A security audit allows you to detect the security vulnerabilities in your organization before they get exploited by a malicious hacker.

How to be certified ISO 27001, 27002, PCI-DSS, HIPPA?

To assist you in your certification process, our experts perform a complete audit of your IS (servers, applications, workstations, networks)and provide you a detailed audit report. This certification proves evidence of your IS security of your IS and specifies the standards impacted and the countermeasures to apply to ensure compliance.

Why choose Ziwit Consultancy Services audits?

Our Expertise: cybersecurity is our mission, Ziwit is the European Leader in Offensive Cybersecurity.
Our team: our cybersecurity experts are truly passionate and have many years of experience.
Our concern for quality: our reports are understandable by your teams and our audits are performed manually.

How to secure a site on a day-to-day basis?

Ziwit, through its brand HTTPCS, also offers automated cybersecurity solutions to secure your systems 365 days a year. On a SaaS interface, discover the vulnerability scanner and its 3 other additional modules.