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Security audit of your applications

Application audit (Web, API, intranet …) - Architecture scan

Configuration analysis - Source code review

ZIWIT Consultancy Services

SecApp audit of all your applications

Objective: highlight the vulnerabilities of your applications (development errors, configuration errors) and apply the appropriate corrective measures for each one.

Ziwit audits are not vulnerability scans, they are performed manually and are customized according to your needs and issues. Our experts use standard tools to track security vulnerabilities in your applications, such as the top 10 OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), which lists the 10 most critical vulnerability categories.

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A 4-stage process

Our experts will provide you a personalized support

Definition of the scope of the
application audit

Our experts will define with you all the application media to audit, taking into account your processes and your organization's businesses.

Risk typology
and classification

The risky points of your application system will be identified and their risk levels will be indicated for each of them so that the riskiest can be targeted as a priority.


Our ethical hackers act as a malicious hacker could do to identify the vulnerabilities of your IS.

Results and
countermeasures report

Our experts will provide you a results synthesiswith the corrective actions to apply for all the detected vulnerabilities.

To go further, we support you during a fifth training phase with our module "Integration of security in the purchasing cycle" to raise awareness among all your employees about the importance of cybersecurity in the application purchase.

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We adapt the audit scope to your issues

Specify the audit scope beforehand

  • Audit of your Web Apps (SaaS, Cloud)
  • Audit of your internet infrastructure
  • Audit of your APIs and Web Services
  • Audit of your Intranet
  • Audit in Redteam mode as a real hacker

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Audit report of your applications

An audit report based on your requirements

Tell us if you prefer a detailed or synthetic report

The audit report delivery is major because it is a document that will help you, among other things, throughout the implementation of the countermeasures to apply according to the security vulnerabilities detected in your application system.

We produce this customized document according to your needs and expectations in terms of feedback. You can tell our team if you want:

  • A "positive" report listing the security vulnerabilities identified and their corrective measures.
  • A detailed report including all the actions taken and their results.
  • A report defense with an oral presentation.

In order to support your teams everyday, we will also provide you with a document explaining of the Good Cybersecurity Practices to apply on a daily basis to guarantee a maximum-security level.

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Do you want an audit of your applications ? Contact us !

Our team of IT security experts is at your disposal to offer you the most appropriate audit according to your needs and your business. Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities.

3 good reasons to audit your application system

Go beyond an audit of your infrastructure

The compliance requirements of applications are constantly changing, so it is necessary to follow them to be up-to-date.

Applications are used every day in all companies and are directly linked to IS.

3. There are many applications on many different interfaces. Whether it is the web, mobile, intranet, cloud or IoT.

Did you know your applications are key targets for Hackers ?

The role of applications in your cybersecurity policy

In recent years, companies have become aware of the importance of cybersecurity in their global security policy. However, they are historically more focused on their infrastructure security and have not realized yet the importance of SecApp in their IT security policy.

However, application security is a real challenge for any company wishing to secure their Information System because applications are direct entry points to the organizations IT systems. Especially since attacks on web applications have increased in the last few years.

To implement and maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity policy within your organization, it is now essential to deploy SecApp measures.

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