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FAQ to know everything about security audits

A spot audit assesses the current security situation of an organization, its web applications, web servers. business applications or its telephony. The HTTPCS consultants precisely identify the security flaws and vulnerabilities and provide a reliable report detailing the flaws detected, the risks incurred, the impacted standards and how to efficiently remedy them. The client is supported all the way to the application of countermeasures and then benefits from an official HTTPCS certification valid for a year.

The HTTPCS consultants carry out a personalized skill transfer based on the profile of each participant (basic knowledge to advanced level). The interactive and educational sessions help understand the challenges of cyber criminality, good practices to adopt and existing hacking techniques.

The “Compliance Assessement” audit is adapted to organizations wishing to obtain certifications like PCI-DSS, ISO 27 001 – 27 002 or HIPAA. They are also destined for businesses and institutions keen to conform to standards and regulations in place to respond to the requirements of the CNIL, ANSSI or the Bank of France. After a complete audit (server, application, workstation...) a report certifies the security level and impacted standards detailing the countermeasures and the recommendations to comply.

Once you discover the intrusion or the hacking, it is import ant to be reactive, each passing minute potentially endangering the organization under attack. The «Incident Response» cell of HTTPCS is dedicated to the fast deployment of a protocol known as «Post Mortem». At the earliest opportunity, and in collaboration with the contacts involved within the victim organization, the HTTPCS experts identify the risk incurred by the hacking, the impacted standards, the causes and how to fix it efficiently. They support the organization with the application of countermeasures until it returns to normal.