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HTTPCS, your ethical hacker that secures websites and web applications

HTTPCS, your ethical hacker

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Technological innovation, personalized aftercare and support of each client are at the heart of the development of HTTPCS solutions to always better satisfy our customers and optimize their web security. So, new security flaws not limited to OWASP top 10 and CVE are added daily to the HTTPCS.

Next generation of Vulnerability Scanner, HTTPCS SECURITY daily ensures web security as well as the protection of application and system perimeters. Its advanced mapping offers the most reliable and efficient tool to keep website secured.

Working tool for web developers, CTO, CISO, HTTPCS provides an optimum protection that evolves at the same pace as technological migrations, including in the cloud.

A non restrictive cyber security where “education” takes priority over “scaring”

In order to offer protection for the many, whatever the resources and skills available, a new cyber security approach was born: proactively secure the whole application perimeter, simply and without manual reprocessing. Integrity, availability, confidentiality and compliance are governed from a single automated and reliable tool.

A reliable, comprehensive and educational approach

  • 100% automated and customizable tool, to avoid the mobilization of dedicated resources.
  • Daily audits assist all to face the challenges of technological migrations.
  • Total protection of the application perimeter thanks to AI and Machine Learning
  • No loss of competitiveness thanks to detailed, reliable, zero false positive guaranteed reports
  • An attack simulation tool and educational information to understand risks
  • Tailored countermeasures and simple recommendations to simplify learning



"HTTPCS SECURITY was initiated by the need to respond to consulting agencies that could not find flaws in complex applications. Then, innovation resulted in a complete and reliable solution that made proactive cyber security as a working tool adapted to each organization, including SME targeted by 77% of attacks."


President of Ziwit & Founder of HTTPCS Technology

Discover the 1st automated technology - Cyber protection 360 ° -

HTTPCS allows you to detect security flaws, monitor availability, watch the darknet and control data integrity. An efficient, effective and simple technology to deploy a cyber security strategy within your organization.

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Zero false positive
Web Security
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Machine Learning