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How to secure a Drupal website ?

HTTPCS offers you a complete solution to secure your Drupal website and thus protect you against hacking. This turnkey tool, accessible via a web interface, is very easy to use. Simply create an account and run an online audit (default or advanced mode) to identify your vulnerabilities, their criticality levels and patches to apply. Get a secure, reliable site that complies with ISO 27001-27002 and the principles of the GDPR.

What is drupal ?

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Drupal is a free Content Management System (Content Management System) and Open Source. This tool gives the opportunity to create and manage websites very simply and does not require any special technical knowledge. Drupal is the third most used CMS in the world with 5.5% market shares, which represents more or less 800,000 websites. Very popular with medium and large companies because, once well-configured, it is very complete but still remains less accessible to individual developers than its old enemy : WordPress.

Like its competitors, it is possible to develop plugins without necessarily being a professional developer. These ones are available on Drupal's "market place".

What are cyber risks for a Drupal website ?

Being an open source CMS, Drupal doesn't avoid cyber attacks. Plugins and themes are developed by the Drupal community but aren’t always verified by professionals. These ones can cause vulnerabilities which could endanger your website availability and your data integrity.

Drupal users may remember "Drupageddon", named like this because of the potential impact of exploiting this vulnerability. Version 7, lower than 7.32, was vulnerable to an attack by SQL injection. This flaw allowed a hacker to log into your website with administrator rights. In case of attack success, its author was able to execute PHP commands, escalate privileges, install backdoors on the victim's system ... The vulnerability was publicly disclosed by Drupal on October 15, 2014, using the identifier: CVE-2014-3704. An update has been applied by Drupal developers to correct this vulnerability. As always, if the update has not been installed, the site still have security flaws.

Protect your Drupal website with our comprehensive cyber security tool

Our HTTPCS solution is fully compatible with a Drupal website. Aware of the impact caused by the vulnerabilities present in CMS, our tool will allow you to ensure the cyber security of your site despite the multiple updates of themes, modules and the software itself. Don't wait to be a victim of a cyber attack, protect your website. Take an offensive approach using HTTPCS SECURITY.

Our complementary products can also allow you to check in real time your site's availability, the reliability of your content or even conduct a "deep web" watch to identify when you become the target of hackers.

« HTTPCS Validation » module makes it easy to authenticate your Drupal website

HTTPCS experts have developed a Drupal module to identify and validate its site so that it can be analyzed by vulnerability detection technology.

The "HTTPCS Validation" module will soon be available for free on your CMS marketplace. Once this one is installed, you will have to fill in your details. The module will create a unique identification file in your CMS allowing HTTPCS to validate your site. This mandatory step will allow you to use the HTTPCS SECURITY vulnerability scanner.

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