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Penetration test of your organization

Black Box Audit - Grey Box Audit

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ZIWIT Consultancy Services

Manual Pentest to identify security vulnerabilities

Objective: simulate attacks against your system to discover vulnerabilities before they get exploited by malicious hackers.

Our Pentests are made manually by our team of seasoned Pentesters and in real hacking condition. They are not automated security scans, made by a robot. Pentesters will simulate attacks on your sites, applications or systems to identify security vulnerabilities, as a real hacker would do.

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How does a Pentest work ? A 4-point approach

Our experts will be pleased to advise you personally

Identification of the tests
that must be performed

Our Pentesters will work with you to define the intrusive tests to perform. It can be a test on internal networks, applications, infrastructure etc....

Choice of the approach
to follow

According to your issue and your needs, you can choose a black box, grey box or white box approach.

Highlighting the exploitable security vulnerabilities

All security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a real malicious hacker will be reported to you.

Delivery of a synthesis report with the countermeasures to apply.

Our experts will also provide you the countermeasures which will allow to prevent the exploitation of these vulnerabilities.

Choice of your Pentest approach

Determine the profile of your Pentester

To perform a penetration test, it is possible to choose a specific method and configuration for the hacking profile Pentester.

The Black Box audit

The Black Box audit

The pentester has no information about your systems, just like a hacker who would discover your organization for the first time and try to attack it.

The Grey Box audit

The Grey Box audit

The pentester has some information about your organization, he can use, for example, an employee’s profile, who has internal access or an external person’s profile with a user account.

The White Box audit

The White Box audit

The pentester has all the information and works in collaboration with your technical teams to highlight as many vulnerabilities as possible: the applications, websites or APIs code

black box vs grey box

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Determine the scope of your Pentest

Choose the scope of your audit according to your needs

  • Pentest of your Web Apps (SaaS, Cloud)
  • Pentest of your internet infrastructure
  • Pentest of your APIs and Web Services
  • Pentest of your Intranet
  • Pentest in Redteam mode

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Penetration test report

A Pentest report and the best practices to follow

Delivery of a clear and accessible report prepared for your employees and technical teams

Following the several intrusion tests performed, our Pentesters will provide you an understandable and detailed report.

  • Prepared according to your requirements
  • Listing all potentially exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Detailing the corrective measures to apply for each vulnerability

To raise awareness among your teams and support them on a daily basis, we will deliver a document explaining the good cybersecurity practices to implement every day to support your general cybersecurity policy.

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A need for manual Pentest? Contact us !

Our team of IT security experts is at your disposal to perform the Pentest that best suits your needs. Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities.

complete and understandable reports

The reasons to choose Ziwit Consultancy Services for penetration tests ?

3 reasons to choose our pentesters

Our expertise in cybersecurity :
We have a strong experience in cybersecurity, through the technological development of our own cybersecurity solutions under the HTTPCS brand.

Manual pentests made step by step :
Our penetration tests are performed manually. To do this, we develop our own pentest tools using our technological track record and our years of research and development.

Complete and understandable reports :
We give you a report listing all the exploitable vulnerabilities of your organization and we demonstrate the possibility for your organization to be the victim of a cyber-attack from the outside.

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What do you know about proactive
cybersecurity ?

Simulate hacker attacks before they happen

Today, no company can claim that they will never be the target of a hacker attack. Indeed, all organizations, of all sizes and in all sectors, are now potential targets for hackers.

These cyber-attacks can have considerable consequences on the health of a company or a public organization: damage to the brand image, major financial losses, loss of trust among stakeholders... To minimize the risks of cyber-attacks, there are several solutions to apply: Pentest is one of them.

The Pentest is a penetration test performed by a cybersecurity expert. This is an effective solution because it allows you to simulate attacks like a malicious hacker would do, but it is performed by an "ethical hacker".

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