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Audit of your data and Cloud environment

Ensure the security of your data and that of your customers

ZIWIT Consultancy Services

Auditing my data environment to identify security vulnerabilities

Objective: Highlight all types of security vulnerabilities related to your infrastructure, your data collection, processing, and storage system.

Our experts perform manual audits of your infrastructure. Each audit is different and tailor-made according to needs. These are not automated vulnerability scans: our experts identify the security vulnerabilities in your data environment one by one.

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How is the audit of your data environment going? A 4-point approach

Our experts will be pleased to advise you personally

Choice of the perimeter
to audit

Depending on the business procedures and your data environment that you use within your organization, our cyber-experts will define with you the intrusive tests to be carried out.

Identification of

The security vulnerabilities of your data and cloud environment will be highlighted and characterized by level of danger so that you can quickly deal with the most sensitive

Performing an
additional Pentest

Just as a hacker might do, our “ethical hackers” will fake attacks against your organization through your data and cloud environment to recover from new security vulnerabilities.

Delivery of a synthesis report
with the countermeasures to apply.

For each flaw detected , a corrective action will be indicated to you to quickly secure your entire data and cloud environment.

Definition of the scope of your audit

All companies use their own applications according to their business procedures and needs. With our experts, you will have the opportunity to determine the most relevant scope to analyze during your audit.

AWS / Azure / Google Cloud infrastructure audit

AWS / Azure / Google Cloud infrastructure audit

Our team of cyber experts analyzes the security level of your cloud environments such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Example of auditable scope: Instance operation, access control, key compromise, logs compromise, configuration audit ...

Data audit

Data audit

Audit of your entire data infrastructure. Your data collection, processing and storage system. The scope extends from auditing your systems and applications to auditing the administration of your entire data infrastructure.

Example of auditable scope: HDFS, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Xen, RabbitMQ, Cloudera, LogStash, Kibana ...

Audit report of your data and cloud environment

An audit report of your data and cloud environment as well as the best practices to apply

Delivery of a clear summary that is accessible to your employees and technical teams

Following your audit, our team of cyber-experts will give you a comprehensible and detailed report.

  • Listing all of the potentially exploitable flaws.
  • Detailing the corrective measures to apply for each flaw.
  • A report defense with oral presentation.

To raise awareness among your teams and support them on a daily basis, we will issue you a document of good cybersecurity practices to be put in place on a daily basis to support your general cybersecurity policy.

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Our team of IT security experts is at your disposal to offer you the audit that best suits your needs. Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities.

Why choose Ziwit Consultancy Services for your data and cloud environment audit?

3 reasons to choose our cyber-experts

Our expertise in cybersecurity :
We have a strong experience in cybersecurity, through the technological development of our own cybersecurity solutions under the HTTPCS brand.

Manual audits carried out step by step:
Our experts carry out manual audits of your infrastructure. For this, we develop our own audit tools using our technological capital and our years of research and development.

Comprehensive and understandable reports:
We provide you with reports listing all the exploitable vulnerabilities in your data and Cloud environment and we thus show you the possibility for your organization to be a victim cyber attack from outside.

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Manual audits carried out step by step