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Audit of your organizational and physical infrastructure

Organizational analysis - Physical audit - Process study

Compliance supervision - Systems audit - Network security

ZIWIT Consultancy Services

Organizational Infrastructure Audit

Objective: Identify the security vulnerabilities on your Information System in order to be able to correct them quickly.

Our experts will determine the security level of your infrastructure by performing a technical security analysis on:

  • Your workstations
  • Your global security policy
  • The configuration of workstations
  • The network segregation
  • The password management

The intervention of our ethical hackers team will allow you to know the strength of your infrastructure and to know the security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a hacker.

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Physical infrastructure audit

Objective: Measure the level of your organization’s physical security and identify the points of contact to lock.

The infrastructure audit includes an audit phase of your organization’s physical securityWhile an intrusion can be done remotely, computationally, malicious acts can also occur in a vulnerable building because of its ease of entry, for example.

  • Our team of cyber experts penetrates your offices "secretly" without notifying your teams
  • They identify the potential security weaknesses in your physical access controls

Our customers are sometimes surprised to see how easily our "intruders" are able to infiltrate workstations, sensitive rooms (directions, data centers...) or even the Information System, without being seen by their employees.

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A 4-step methodology

Benefit from personalized support during the process

Definition of the scope
of our intervention

Depending on your priorities and issues, you will determine with our expert the scope to audit.

Risk identification
and assessment

The high-risk elements of your IS will be identified and you will be informed of each of their criticality levels, in order to prioritize the corrective actions to apply.

Setting up
a penetration test

We attack your IS as a malicious hacker would do to identify exploitable vulnerabilities.

Results and

We provide a synthetic document allowing you to apply the corrective actions for all the detected vulnerabilities.

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We adapt the scope of your infrastructure audit

Determine a precise scope according to your needs

  • Audit of your general architecture
  • Audit of your security policy
  • Audit of your network infrastructure
  • Audit of your working environments
    (email, password, ERP, telephony)
  • Audit of your system (Windows, Linux)

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Infrastructure audit report

A clear IT audit report and good practices to apply

Get a document that your employees and technical teams can understand

After your infrastructure audit, our team of cyber-experts will provide you with a clear and detailed report.

  • Custom-made according to your expectations
  • Resumes all identified vulnerabilities
  • The countermeasures to apply to correct each vulnerability

In order to support your teams on a daily basis, we will also provide you with a document explaining the good cybersecurity practices to apply every day to guarantee a maximum level of security.

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Do you need an audit of your infrastructure? Contact us!

Our team of IT security experts is at your entire disposal to determine with you the scope of your audit and support you throughout the audit process of your infrastructure. Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities.

Cybersecurity is a real strength for your organization

Adopt the good practices now !

IT security has become a major challenge for companies: when it is ensured, it is a real guarantee of trust to share with all the stakeholders of your ecosystem. Customers fear for their data privacy, partners or suppliers for their exchange security.

Reassure your stakeholders, save time and money by implementing a security audit that will allow you to anticipate breakdowns, errors or even dysfunctions in your IS.

If your information system is important to your company, then auditing is a priority for you.

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