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Protect your data to be GDPR compliant

Compliance GDPR

GDPR compliance : the steps

Since 25 May 2018, GDPR law requires from all size companies to protect / process their data with the aim of transparency, fairness and compliance with the law.

Collect is good, secure is better INDISPENSABLE


I collect the users data on my website in a fair, transparent and necessary manner, in compliance with law.


I process the data collect in accordance with the guaranteed individuals’ rights provided by the GDPR.


I lock the collected data thanks to a global protection of my website with the HTTPCS Security System.

Be careful: the CNIL alerts on the dangers of counterfeit compliance with the GDPR, be alerted and make the right choice with HTTPCS.

To be aware of cyber risks in numbers

  • time to hack a system

    In 60% of cases, a few minutes is all it takes for hackers to compromise a system

  • website's attacks

    85% of attacks come from outside

  • data theft internally

    1 out of 10 data theft is internal

  • statistics leaks data

    5% of data leaks are accidental

88% of consumers class the protection of their personal data as the number one selection criteria before a purchase

GDPR obligations

What does the GDPR however requires regarding data security?

GDPR Organizational and technical metrics

The accountability principle: technical and organizational measures

Accountability (imposed by the GDPR): it is the implementation of all technical and organizational measures to protect the company’s data. This is a way to proof the effectiveness and efficiency of the measures implemented by the company for its compliance.

HTTPCS will occur in the technical implementation (and not organizational) to secure your data.

Securing personal data, what solutions?

Quite few solutions are open to protect your data (pseudonymization, encryption…)

Nevertheless, those methods don’t guarantee a sufficient protection against attacks. Indeed, they just target and protect the data but, in most case, it is not enough.

HTPCS role

HTPCS role: beyond a simple data protection, our HTTPCS System protects your website / web application. Thanks to the vulnerabilities he identifies and to the patches you set up, your data will be safe and protected against any attack.

Solution to secure your data

Good to know: during CNIL inspections, the audits and certificates issued by ZIWIT can be used to demonstrate that – for the period you have subscribed to our services – you have taken the necessary steps to protect your data.

HTTPCS to secure your data Are you ready to secure your data ?

Detect security breaches on your site to prevent hackers and thus secure your data as required by the GDPR

Protect your data thanks to HTTPCS tools

How Ziwit is a plus to protect data as required by the GDPR?

Cyber risks are international and once the cyber-attack is done, it is too late for your data, be proactive with HTTPCS!

HTTPCS is a set of several control points to avoid any attack of your website. Thanks to our various offers and our consultants, you can know malicious activities done on your website to correct them and protect your data.

HTTPCS can protect your data
website certified secure

HTTPCS, is an information in real time of :

  • Assessment of the risk of a data theft
  • Assessment of the risk of a virus spread
  • Reliability of the site
  • The security level
  • Compliance with different standards

Sensitive data and GDPR

If you are in possession of any high-risk data for the protection of individuals rights or freedoms, or if you carry out data processing at risk, it is necessary to take increased protection measures!

Indeed, these data are particularly supervised by the GDPR, so the CNIL (control authority) will be intransigent on their protection. You must act to protect these data more intensely.

Protect your sensitive data
HTPCS role

HTTPCS role: security by HTTPCS is staple for this type of data, indeed, with it you can secure your website / web application thanks to the identification of its vulnerabilities. Hence, beyond simply protecting your data by a simple data encryption, you protect your entire website, web application against any attack.

Furthermore, the cyber vigilance system gives you, through our advisors, an access to the dark web. On this unknown place from the public, hackers share the vulnerabilities they detected and potential data theft. Be informed before any attack thanks to our malicious network monitoring solution!

GDPR sanctions

Any time, thanks to a precise documentation the data controller shall be able to proof the conformity of its data and / or their conformity level.

Notification following a case of theft or data leak:

  • - Within 72 for an medium impact
  • - Immediately for a high risk
GDPR data controller

Up to



Up to

4% of the annual turnover


GDPR compliance Get started in GDPR compliance !

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