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How to generate a CSR with Zeus

On 26/08/2015 By Thomas Huther

Please follow the steps below to generate your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Zeus :

Generate a CSR with Zeus :

1. Open the Zeus Web Controller.

2. Go to the SSL Certificates tab and click on Create.
How to generate a CSR with Zeus

3. Then click on Buy a certificate from another certifying authority, a form will open.

4. Fill in all required information to generate your CSR.

  • The certificate name
  • The server's address (as a URL)
  • The organisation's name
  • The locality (city)
  • The uppercase country code. Example: US, FR...

For optimal security, opt for a 2048bits key length. Then click on Ok. How to generate a CSR with Zeus

5. Copy and paste the CSR in a Notepad change its extension to .crt.

Finally, please use the CSR test tool.

Buy a cheap SSL certificate for Zeus

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