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Several types of web attacks

HTTPCS is a thorough scanner that analyzes all of your pages in order to find and detect vulnerabilities such as :
- XSS : Cross site scripting
- SQLI : SQL injection
- TRV : Directory traversal
- LFI : Local file inclusion
- RFI : Remote file inclusion
- PCI : PHP code injection
- SCI : Shell code injection
And others.

Management of several websites

Our solution helps to protect websites against pirates, leakage and information theft.
Our solution helps website owners to comply with standards and regulations and also to ensure the credibility of their company and the trust of their customers and users. With HTTPCS you are able to manage all of your websites.

Detailed report

At the end of each scan a report is generated. HTTPCS reports contain :
- The vulnerabilities found
- The vulnerable pages or variables
- How the vulnerability appears
- The form the attack takes
- The countermeasures
- The risks
- The ISO27002 controls impacted


HTTPCS issues a seal to sites that use our service.
In the form of html code, this seal, visible to visitors, connects to an HTTPCS page which shows the certificate of the site.
Your visitors will thus know how much you value their information and their security, they can feel free to make purchases or anything else in total serenity.


HTTPCS offers you the best experts in web security.
It is also possible to ask for explanations or for help from people who are competent and concerned about customer's problems.