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100% Map of your website HTTPCS Headless Technology

100% Map of your website - HTTPCS Headless Technology
HTTPCS guarantees to map 100% of a website or a web application.

The HTTPCS Headless technology

The robots you will find on the market are able to crawl websites and web applications by following internal "anchor" links. However, when these links are dynamically generated, by Javascript for instance, most robots cannot follow them.

Indeed, it is hard to guarantee that the tool is able to detect all the security flaws in a system since it cannot follow all contents and browse a website as a hacker would do.

Thanks to its Headless technology, HTTPCS guarantees to map 100% of a website or a web application. Its smart robot is able to crawl dynamic content, and therefore there is no scan limit!

100% mapping makes a real difference

Scan 100% of a website’s or a web application’s structure.

What means 100% mapping?

To map a website allows to obtain and view all the pages of this website or web application along with the navigation path. The crawler, a tool that allows you to browse through a website, and so to visit each page and click on the links to go from one page to another, provides a site map, also called website’s tree structure.

100% mapping implies that all pages and all actions have been scanned, even if the path has been made with dynamic content (scroll, buttons, contact forms, modal…).

Scan 100% of a website’s or a web application’s structure.

The 100% mapping feature is included in our vulnerability scanner:

To guarantee a 100% mapping of your website or web application is the guarantee the HTTPCS Security vulnerability scanner tests each page, each link, and all kinds of content, whether they are static or dynamic, to ensure you an optimal scan and a maximum protection.

Vulnerability Scan
HTTPCS - 100% Mapping

HTTPCS Security detects the security flaws in your website or web application.

It is 100% mapping guarantee, it is able to go through the dynamic content in your website.

I detect my flaws

HTTPCS Headless technology

How Security by HTTPCS can guarantee a 100% mapping?

The HTTPCS Headless technology

The headless HTTPCS technology allows to copy the user's behavior and actions on a website, which is hard to do when you scan only URLs.

On a website, an Internet user:

  • Clicks on buttons
  • Clicks on pictures
  • Fills in contact forms
  • Activates pop-ups
  • Scrolls
  • Slides
  • Drags and drops

Thus, the HTTPCS robot is able to do all these actions, which makes the tool powerful and efficient for security flaws detection.

HTTPCS Security

Security by HTTPCS, the web vulnerability scanner

Detects security breaches on 100% of your website’s structure.

Automatic vulnerabilities detection in a website

HTTPCS Security is an online tool which allows to identify security flaws in a website or a web application. It guarantees:

Its daily or weekly automated audits protect your website all year long and ensure you an ease of use even if you are not a cybersecurity expert.

Thanks to the machine learning, the HTTPCS Security robot will browse your website or web application to find security flaws. Through each scan, this robot will test different attack scenarios as a hacker will do to check if the detected vulnerabilities are exploitable.

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Frequently asked questions about mapping of a website

What means the mapping of a website?

It is the tree structure of a website: all the pages and the links between them to view a site, such as a tree with its branches connected to each other.

How to achieve 100% mapping?

Thanks to the headless technology: a robot able to crawl dynamic content such as Javascript in order to guarantee a complete scan of the website, not to mention entries or navigation paths.

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