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Discover our next generation vulnerability scanner to ensure your cyber security!

Put yourself in the shoes of a hacker! Without technical expertise, run automated security audits and detect vulnerabilities on your website or web application. With detailed reports, you'll know exactly what security flaws hackers can exploit, their criticality levels and how to fix them. You can even replay the attacks to understand the risks involved.

HTTPCS Security puts Machine Learning at the service of your cyber security to protect your site against hacking and data leaks.

An easy-to-use tool to detect vulnerabilities

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    Specify the url of the site to secure and simply authenticate your right to audit

  2. 2

    Launch the audit of your website or web application

  3. 3

    Receive reports containing the list of vulnerabilities and associated countermeasures (top 10 OWASP, CVE and more!). New vulnerabilities are added every week to our knowledge base by our team of ethical hackers.

  4. 4

    Fix security flaws with the recommendations provided

  5. 5

    Display the clickable certification seal on your site to reassure your customers (site compliance with RGPD / GDPR / PCI-DSS / ISO/IEC 27001-27002 / HIPAA / FERPA / CIPA standards). It will be dated automatically from the last compliant audit.

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How to protect yourself from hacking?

Developed in France by our IT security experts, the HTTPCS Security solution proactively protects your site or web application against cyber attacks. This turnkey tool ensures continuous monitoring of your domain names, url addresses, IP (client / server addresses).

HTTPCS Dashboard

How does a scan work?

From a single interface, use our online scan to run your security audits and analyze reports. Without technical computer security skills, find the security holes in your website. With each audit, our technology selects targeted attack paths, not limited to the top 10 OWASPs and CVEs.

Depending on your own application and system web perimeters or by selecting the default audit, our automatic scanner identifies the criticality levels of a vulnerability and tells you how to fix it. Be notified in real time by receiving security alerts by email or SMS.

With HTTPCS Security, our white-hat hackers ensure you a secure site!

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Complete audits

Optimum protection: like a "website checker", this vulnerability scanner has been associated with automated paths to guarantee maximum protection on the total tree structure of each address.

Customizable functionalities

Agentless: No software to download and deploy to servers. You access a web platform by simply connecting to your user dashboard via our website.

Exploitable vulnerabilities

True exploitable vulnerabilities (Zero False Positive): Only exploitable vulnerabilities are reported thanks to an automatic false positive elimination system: the guarantee of no manual reprocessing!

Audits and patchs

Intuitive and easy to use interface: automatic daily audits easy to implement with reports that can be understood by all types of interlocutors (CISO, webmaster, marketer, manager...).

Account manager

Dedicated contact for tailor-made support: an Account Manager will accompany you as soon as the solution is deployed.


HTTPCS Certification

Display your computer security certification seal

HTTPCS provides you a clickable seal updated after each satisfactory audit. This seal allows your users to check the reliability of the website. Two possibilities for integrating cybersecurity certification: in the form of embed code to paste only once into your application (footer, authentication page, legal notice...), or in floating mode.

This seal is automatically updated after each audit, provided that patches are applied. It demonstrates your good diligence in data protection and cyber security and also the site's compliance with ISO 27001-27002 standards and the principles of the GDPR.

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