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How to save your authentication settings in order to set up your automated Grey Box Audit ?

Secure Authentication Recorder by HTTPCS addon User guide (only available on Mozilla Firefox)

Download the addon

Requirement before the recording of your settings

In order to be able to use the authentication settings recorder addon, it is necessary to configure the Grey Box audit on your Dashboard, following these 4 steps

Appointment on your console

in Security > Automated audits > Add an audit > Advanced audit

Step 1 « Offensive methods » :

Choose your sending methods.

Step 2 « Mapping » :

Define the tree structure that you would like to audit.

Step 3 « Authentication » :

Download the addon by clicking on the download button then click on the «Copy in the clipboard» to copy your ID.

Remember to save in the clipboard the unique ID that will be given to you in the «Unique ID» section in order to fill it when you’ll be asked to. You have downloaded the addon and copied your ID ? Go to step 4.

save unique id

Important: To be able to use the plugin you must click on the button « Use the plugin to authenticate » before going to step 4 planning.

addon authentication

Step 4 « Planning » :

Choose your audit planning settings, then submit it.

submit daily audit

Now, launch the precedently downloaded addon to start the secured recording of your authentication settings.

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I made the requirement.
I’m ready to start recording.

1. Click on the icon that is on your browser’s top right.

launching plugin

This window opens then:


2. Click on the blue arrow to start

to start

3. Fill the id that had been given to you during the third step of your dashboard’s authentication.

move to third step

For this, click on the «paste from clipboard» button (or Ctrl+V ; Cmd+V ; Right-click Paste ) then click on the right arrow to go to the next step.

To find your ID, join your dashboard in your Security «Automated Audits» tab and go back to your audit by clicking on the modification icon.

edit grey box audit

Go straight to step 3 of authentication and get your ID back.

audit authentication

When you are asked to fill your ID, if you haven’t finished yet all the steps on your dashboard, your ID won’t be recognized. You must pursuive until the planning and the saving of your audit on your HTTPCS dashboard to be able to use the plugin and fill your ID.

enter httpcs referent

4. Click on the «start recording» button

starting recording httpcs

5. A new window is open. It will allow you to configure your authentication settings.

configure authentication settings

As indicated by the vertical white arrow, please validate or modify your site or application URL on the up bar under the «https://www.» form followed by your domain name. If you don’t submit the «https», your URL won’t be recognized.

Click on «Enter» to validate your URL or on the top right horizontal arrow.

6. Now you arrive on your site.

A message asks you to log in on your site. It means that you may join your log in page to fill your ID and your Password, like you would do anytime you wish to log on your personal space.

This step is entirely crypted and secured.

secure connection

7. Once you are logged in, click on the «I’m connected» button located on the window’s bottom left.

i am authenticated

A message appears, asking you to click on an element that only display when you are logged in.

You must simply click on an element, that you can see only when you are logged on your account.

Example: It may only be your authentication proof icon


A confirmation demand appears :


If you are sure that the element on which you clicked can be seen only when you are connected, then click on yes.

If you prefer to click on another element, then click on no, and start again the operation.

After you clicked on «YES» the window where your site was displayed will be automatically closed.

9. You will now be allowed to validate your authentication and send your recording.

In the configuration window, click on «Save and send!»

confirmation completed

A message will confirm you that the recording had been successfully sent. Your next audits will now be performed in Grey Box Mode thanks to the recording of your authentication settings.

A setting error occurred during the recording of your authentication settings? Contact our support which will assist you step by step in the setting of your addon.

Need help ? Contact our support

+33 1 85 09 15 09

(free call without any charge)

Be called-back By email