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Buy your TrustSign SSL, the first and only French Certification Authority:

• An SSL to gain the trust of your customers: This certificate has been tailor-made for companies seeking to give maximum guarantee to a domain intended for the public. It allows you to display the name of your organization in your customers' address bar, and to gain their trust.

• A fast and efficient certificate: ExtendedSSL Prime is a certificate that guarantees a high level of security and offers the best financial guarantee on the market.

• Exemplary customer service: Our SSL experts advise you step by step on how to purchase and install your certificate. This completely free support can be done by phone or email in 7 different languages including English and French.

• Shorter issuance times: TrustSign is the most responsive certification authority on the market and offers shorter issuance times than other certification authorities on the market.

ExtendedSSL Prime

(2): average issuance timescale once the order is processed by the certification authority (CSR and valid information required)