In case of intrusion, data theft, ransomware or any other attack, it is essential to react rapidly. The HTTPCS expert consultants take charge of the incident with reactivity and methodology to guarantee the quickest possible return to normal.

Use HTTPCS in case of hacking

The protocol implemented stops the actions taken by the hackers and remedy the damages and traces of intrusion generated by the attack. The risk mapping provides a complete remediation plan with good practice and adapted compliance recommendations adapted to the regulatory and organizational environment of the victim.

The HTTPCS Incident Response team responds to urgent requirements through remote or on site intervention services. The support of organizations victims of hacking is carried out from detection to eradication up to the remediation phase to ensure maximum and long term security.

A team of expert available and reactive with expert skills:


  • Web Security
  • Application Security
  • System Security
  • Network Security
  • SI security, particularly Workstation, virtualization and Telephony


  • Bring Your Own Device Security (BYOD)
  • Connected Items / Internet of Things Security
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cryptography & Authentication
  • Ransomware