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Buy your TrustSign SSL, the first European Certification Authority:

• An SSL for the general public: This certificate is a good solution for start-up sites, small businesses, blogs (WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Wix...) or personal pages.

• A quick and efficient certificate: DomainSSL is a certificate that has an under 10 minutes emission delay and a 10 000$ financial warranty. It has a 256 bits cryptographic hash and it is compatible with 99,3% of browers and 100% of CMS.

• An exemplary customer service: Our SSL experts guide you step by step in your purchase and setting-up. This support is entirely free and can be done by phone or email, in 7 different languages, including english, french and spanish.

• Shortened emissions delays: Trustsign is the most reactive certification authority of the market and offers shortened emissions delays compared to the other certification authorities.


(2): average issuance timescale once the order is processed by the certification authority (CSR and valid information required)