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Shell Code Injection and PHP Code Injection (PSCI) vulnerability

What is a PSCI vulnerability and how to prevent it?

Shell Code Injection is an attack that consists in executing commands on a victim's operating system via a vulnerable application.

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What are the Shell Code Injection and Php Code Injection vulnerability ?

Shell Code Injection

This attack is only possible when an application transfers data, entered by a user, to a system shell. Commands are executed with the privileges of the attacked application.

Php Code Injection

Code Injection is an attack similar to command injection. The difference is in the injected code. The Shell Code Injection consists of executing commands whereas here code is injected. The difference between the two attacks is the limit imposed by the functionalities of the language used. If the injection is done in PHP, the attacker will be limited to what PHP is able to do.

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How to protect yourself against Shell Code Injection and Php Code Injection vulnerabilities ?

To protect against Shell and Code Injections, it is necessary, once again, to check all entries of a user so that he can not enter shell or code.

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