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HTTPCS by ziwit vs qualys

HTTPCS and Qualys, Vulnerability scanners comparison

Looking for a web flaw scanner?
HTTPCS can turn out to be a great alternative to the well-known Qualys scanner thanks to its good features and high range services.

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Headless and Grey Box

HTTPCS handles the latest-generation dynamic web content with its Headless Robot crawling the whole application.

100% mapping with Headless process

HTTPCS Security performs its tests with authentification (Grey box) and can handle complex authentifications like SSO (Single Sign On)

Grey Box testing possible

The robot handles complex SSO (Single Sign On) authentifications

The HTTPCS security audits are automatically performed on a daily basis without any human intervention. Detailed reports reveal the exploitable security flaws.

Scan scheduling possible

The attack simulation feature only reveals the truly exploitable security flaws. It can help you understand the risks incurred.

No flaw simulator

HTTPCS offers a 0 false positive guarantee with its simulator. This guarantee saves time for the technical teams, that don't have to deal with the non exploitable flaws.

No guarantee

The flaws are cleverly and automatically listed according to their criticity level. The technical team can therefore immediately see the flaws that need to be fixed first.

Prioritization of flaws according to their criticity level

Indications and fixes to apply for each flaw are provided and detailed in each report.

No tool to help fix the flaws

The fixed flaws are detected and moved to a specific area dedicated to automated audits.

No automatic detection of the fixed flaws

Our pentesting teams can detect any kind of vulnerability (Top 10 OWASP, CVE, 0 Day attacks and more!)

CVE, OWASP and 0 day

HTTPCS Security is part of the complete HTTPCS CyberSecurity suite. The user can easily find all the modules he subscribed in a single console.

Every HTTPCS solution integrates the Machine Learning technology. The intelligent robots constantly improves itself after each audit and becomes more and more efficient.

Detailed logs to HAR (HTTP Archive) format is optionally available

HAR format reports not available

A powerful API allows users to link with other tools.

API provided

For the users that don't have any security breach on their website, HTTPCS provides a certification seal. The seal is clickable and easy-to-use, it lets the company reassure its visitors.

HTTPCS console is 100 % SaaS, no installation is required. Console keeps the highest level of performance in order to provide a perfect cybersecurity to its users.

100% SaaS interface

The HTTPCS user console enables to companies with a large number of websites or applications to move them into predefined "categories" to make their management easier.

Classification system for websites

You can easily add, limit or delete a user in just a few clicks. The management of large work teams is made easier,


Only included in the Enterprise plan.

Reports can quickly be exported to PDF format

PDF format reports available

Console interface is available in several languages (French, English, Italian and Portuguese)

Multilingual interface available

The interface of the HTTPCS console is very easy to use and user-friendly. There is no additionnal fee or installation required, nor any training required for your employees.

Very dense and complex interface, training required to get familiar with it

Data storage (logs and reports) is unlimited at HTTPCS, just so you can do stastistical studies in the long term.

Unlimited data storage

Pricing includes all costs. There is no additional fee at the time of purchase (set-up fees, training fees...)

HTTPCS Technical support is available in 7 languages, French-speaking and English-speaking included

International support

HTTPCS technical support is available during office hours for the "Plus" version and at any time for the "Full" version (24h/24, 7j/7)

24/7 support

Customer service can be reached online, by email and over the phone. A FAQ is also available on the website.

email, online chat, helpline, FAQ

European leader of Cybersecurity, HTTPCS is a French company. Therefore, HTTPCS protects your data in accordance with the GDPR and provides users with physical intermediary.


American company, an office in France


Headless Technology

The «Headless» technology and the 100% mapping are very important features regarding web application scanners.

They can «crawl» and properly analyze the entirety of a site. These technologies take into account the dynamic content, along with all the specificities of the modern environment of web applications, such as JavaScript, HTML5 or AJAX.

Thanks to this range of tests, the «Headless» robot of scanners, acts and visits just like a real user.

The robot can scroll, fill out forms and perform all the actions contained in modern web applications.

To this end, Qualys includes the «Headless» technology through the use of Selenium, which is an Open Source, testing infrastructure, developed in 2004 using Java by the ThoughtWorks company.

HTTPCS by Ziwit provides a vulnerability scanner, HTTPCS Security, that also includes the «Headless» technology. It can handle sophisticated dynamic content.

The study reveals that both Qualys and HTTPCS solutions have the «Headless» Technology and handle a 100% mapping of web content.

The Headless technology allows HTTPCS to make a 100% mapping of a website or a web application content. HTTPCS offers the best Headless features.

The Qualys robot also supports the Headless technology and enables a 100% mapping.

Flaws and Grey Box

Grey Box Scan and types of handled flaws

The Grey Box penetration test or «test under authentication», is a test explores the website and indicates potential flaws, including those located within an authenticated area.

Just like the «Headless», along with the processing of dynamic content, Grey Box is provided by Qualys by using the Selenium technology.

Regarding flaw detection, Qualys and HTTPCS Security are quite similar. They process the main known flaws, OWASP Top 10 and CVE, but also detect the «zero-day» flaws, which are flaws that have been never detected or referenced in any Cybersecurity tops or official listing.

In terms of flaw detection and penetration testing, both of these solutions are quite similar.

Flaws and Grey Box
The HTTPCS robot handles the flaws that are certified (OWASP & CVE), but it goes even further by including the «zero-day» flaws on a daily basis in its scans. Authentication and Grey Box tests are performed.

Flaws and Grey Box
Qualys handles the flaws that are certified (OWASP & CVE) and also the «zero-day» flaws. Authentication and Grey Box tests are performed.

False positive

False positive processing

A false positive is a result to a test that is considered as «positive» when actually, it turns out to be negative. It causes a waste of time and money because of the useless mobilization of human and/or financial resources to handle the manual re-processing.

In the world of cybersecurity, and more precisely, flaws detection, the processing of false positives has become a major issue.

In order to minimize false positives, several techniques are imaginable: test repetition, reporting, machine learning

Qualys, good student on the subject, reduces false positives by seeking patterns and similarities when they occur, but that is not enough to completely reduce false positives, and that’s why HTTPCS chose to break new ground.

Thanks to its revolutionary flaw simulator, HTTPCS guarantees the absence of false positives.

Indeed, the HTTPCS flaw simulator indicates a flaw, if and only if, this one turns out to be truly exploitable by the simulator. It does not cause damage to the web application and gives the possibility to really know the exploitability level of a flaw.

False positive
The HTTPCS technology can simulate an attack against a flaw like a real hacker would do it. The solution is clever and guarantees a 0 false positive rate.

False positive
Qualys includes Machine Learning in its solution in order to provide provisional analysis and detect false positives. Unlike HTTPCS, they do not guarantee a 0 false positive rate.

Solutions and specificities

Specificities of the solutions

Through their «all-inclusive» plans, HTTPCS and Qualys have several differences.

1. Qualys, Cloud Platform

Qualys, Cloud Platform gathers dozens of solutions, from the vulnerability management to the compliance audits, through a web application scanner.

Even if really diversified, Qualys has only three applications in the field of the web application scanner:

  • Web App Scanning: a web vulnerability scanner.
  • Continuous Monitoring: a solution which detects altered data or codes in real-time.
  • Web App Firewall: a solution that monitors the status of a server or web application in real-time in order to avoid any loss of service.

2. HTTPCS by Ziwit

HTTPCS offers four solutions in its plan:

  • Security: Web application scanner, bestseller product, a 0 false positive guarantee.
  • Monitoring: The equivalent of «Web App Firewall», it monitors a server or any associated service availability in order to prevent any incident.
  • Integrity: Similar to «Continuous Monitoring» of Qualys, it warns you in real-time, of any website or web application integrity alteration.
  • Cyber Vigilance: Darknet monitoring solution that warns you in real-time in case of any data leak or hacking attempt on a website. By constantly operating a «Dark Web» monitoring and collecting over 5 million of data every day, Cyber Vigilance anticipates and prevents risks of any data leak or exploitable flaw.

Therefore, HTTPCS protects any company from any tremendous damage, in terms of infrastructure, brand image or even market share.

Solutions and specificities
HTTPCS provides a complete solution suite around its web application scanner and offers a disruptive Darknet monitoring solution.

Solutions and specificities
Qualys provides plenty of additional solutions but nothing regarding its web application scanner.

Secure your website or web application now and avoid being hacked!

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Pricing and support

Pricing and support

In terms of pricing, the solution Full HTTPCS provides two options for the combination of the four solutions Security, Integrity, Monitoring and Cyber Vigilance:

$ 590 per month with no commitment
$ 492 per month by choosing the one-year commitment

Regarding the cost of the Qualys solution, you will have to request a quote which will depend on the size and needs of your company.

As for the technical support, the two giants of the market provide unlimited support and a 24/7 assistance by an expert.

Pricing and support
HTTPCS prices are clearly stated on its website. Its price range is affordable for services provided. Indeed, HTTPCS support may be contacted at any time, which can help anticipate any crisis situation with serenity.

Pricing and support
The final prices are not indicated because they are established after requesting a quote and they will depend on the structure of the company willing to acquire Qualys. Support is unlimited and efficient.
Interface’s overview of our web vulnerability scanner


Security by ziwit logo

Regarding the interfaces of these two solutions, here are different screenshots of the HTTPCS Security solution and the Qualys Scanner:

logo versus


logo qualys

HTTPCS SaaS interface is clear, sober and modern. Simple to use and comprehend, it is user-friendly. Tutorials and Dedicated Account Managers are also available for any question.

Qualys interface is extremely complicated. It is very hard to master it without any external help. It leads to a substantial human and financial cost.

Final Comparison

In order to conclude this study, here is a general recap of the different tested features. Each feature has been graded out of 5 in order to obtain a final grade of 30.

comparative rating

Thanks to this comparative study, you can notice that in terms of technical features and service quality, the vulnerability scanner software HTTPCS by Ziwit, wins out over the Qualys’ one.

In order to conclude this study, we will keep in mind that both Qualys and HTTPCS provide diversified and efficient solutions, along with an exemplary customer service.

Nonetheless, HTTPCS expertise allows a much more complete solution in terms of cybersecurity and protection of your website or web application.

Moreover, it is possible to test the solution a free 14-day trial or request an online demonstration:

Vulnerability Scanner tested by more than 9200 companies around the world

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