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HTTPCS by ziwit vs acunetix

HTTPCS and Acunetix Vulnerability scanner comparisons

Looking for a web vulnerability scanner?
Discover this detailed comparison between two of the main scanners on the market: HTTPCS Security vs Acunetix.

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Headless and Grey Box

HTTPCS handles the latest-generation dynamic web content with its Headless Robot crawling the whole application.


100% mapping but need to use an additional tool in the Acusensor infrastructure

HTTPCS Security performs its tests with authentification (Grey box) and can handle complex authentifications like SSO (Single Sign On)

Grey Box tests option

The robot handles complex SSO (Single Sign On) authentifications

The HTTPCS security audits are automatically performed on a daily basis without any human intervention. Detailed reports reveal the exploitable security flaws.

scan scheduling option

The attack simulation feature only reveals the truly exploitable security flaws. It can help you understand the risks incurred.

No flaw simulator

HTTPCS offers a 0 false positive guarantee with its simulator. This guarantee saves time for the technical teams, that don't have to deal with the non exploitable flaws.

No guarantee

The flaws are cleverly and automatically listed according to their criticity level. The technical team can therefore immediately see the flaws that need to be fixed first.

Prioritization of flaws according to their criticity level

Indications and fixes to apply for each flaw are provided and detailed in each report.

No tool to help fix the flaws

The fixed flaws are detected and moved to a specific area dedicated to automated audits.

No automatic detection of the fixed flaws

Our pentesting teams can detect any kind of vulnerability (Top 10 OWASP, CVE, 0 Day attacks and more!)


Management of 4500 vulnerabilities, some of which include 0 day attacks

HTTPCS Security is part of the complete HTTPCS CyberSecurity suite. The user can easily find all the modules he subscribed in a single console.

Every HTTPCS solution integrates the Machine Learning technology. The intelligent robots constantly improves itself after each audit and becomes more and more efficient.

Detailed logs to HAR (HTTP Archive) format is optionally available

HAR format report available

A powerful API allows users to link with other tools.

API provided

For the users that don't have any security breach on their website, HTTPCS provides a certification seal. The seal is clickable and easy-to-use, it lets the company reassure its visitors.

HTTPCS console is 100 % SaaS, no installation is required. Console keeps the highest level of performance in order to provide a perfect cybersecurity to its users.

SaaS mode unavailable

The HTTPCS user console enables to companies with a large number of websites or applications to move them into predefined "categories" to make their management easier.

Classification system for websites

You can easily add, limit or delete a user in just a few clicks. The management of large work teams is made easier,


Only included in the Enterprise plan

Reports can quickly be exported to PDF format

PDF format reports available

Console interface is available in several languages (French, English, Italian and Portuguese)

Multilingual interface unavailable

The interface of the HTTPCS console is very easy to use and user-friendly. There is no additionnal fee or installation required, nor any training required for your employees.

Very dense and complex interface, training required to get familiar with it

Data storage (logs and reports) is unlimited at HTTPCS, just so you can do stastistical studies in the long term.

No information on data storage

Pricing includes all costs. There is no additional fee at the time of purchase (set-up fees, training fees...)

HTTPCS Technical support is available in 7 languages, French-speaking and English-speaking included

English-speaking support

HTTPCS technical support is available during office hours for the "Plus" version and at any time for the "Full" version (24h/24, 7j/7)

Support during office hours

Customer service can be reached online, by email and over the phone. A FAQ is also available on the website.

email, online chat, helpline, FAQ

European leader of Cybersecurity, HTTPCS is a French company. Therefore, HTTPCS protects your data in accordance with the GDPR and provides users with physical intermediary.


American company, a network of distributors in France


Dynamic Crawl Technology

The Headless is one of the main features of vulnerability scanners and it enables to fully map a website or a web application.

The Headless permet d’analyser l’intégralité du contenu d’un site web ou d’une application web, y compris le contenu qu’on appelle « dynamique ». Ce contenu dynamique correspond à l’ensemble des contenus personnalisables et variables injectés dans le code du fait de l’utilisation de technologie comme PHP ou JavaScript.

A web application scanner called «Headless» can detect vulnerabilities that are located on the website and web application dynamic content while acting like a real user and not like a simple content «crawler». It can «scroll» a page, fill out forms and achieve any action required by the dynamic web applications and that a simple crawler cannot perform.

Acunetix Scanner defines itself as Headless and can ma a 100% mapping of a web application content thanks to its DeepScan and Acusensortechnology, a virtual captor presented under the form of a program. It is important to note that this program is not included within the solution and it has to be implemented manually on the server, whose action requires the intervention of a developer.

Regarding HTTPCS Security, the Headless technology is made possible thanks to an integrated tool that enables, like Acusensor and DeepScan, to benefit from the 100% mapping of your website or web application.

HTTPCS does not require its user to add an external software to its infrastructure, which is in fact much less intrusive than the Acunetix software. Acunetix functioning can be discouraging for some companies that are not willing to let their sensitive data flow through an external device.

The Headless technology enables HTTPCS to make a 100% mapping of a website content without needing any additional installation from the user. HTTPCS offers what is best in terms of Headless.

Acunetix solution includes the Headless and a 100% mapping. However, it requires the manual implementation of Acusensor on the server.

Flaws and Grey Box

Grey Box testing and handled flaws

The Grey Box testing is a vulnerability test made by a scanner within the parts of a web application that are only available after authentication (the member area of a website, for example).

Some vulnerability scanners do not take into account this kind of test and whole parts of web applications are not tested, which implies that several flaws may remain.

The «Grey Box» expression was created because, technically, it is between the «Black Box» testing (Test without authentication) and the «White Box» testing (Test with access to the administrator sections).

Acunetix and HTTPCS both allow Grey Box audits.

Acunetix handles over 4,500 known flaws according to its website. These flaws can be found in the main list of public flaws. Therefore, they are known by most of the cybersecurity actors, from the hackers to the CISO.

As for HTTPCS, it manages the «zero-day» flaws thanks to the daily manual monitoring done by its cybersecurity teams. They are added to its vulnerability scanner on a daily basis in order to improve the robot and the detection of flaws.

But just like Acunetix, HTTPCS also handles the main known flaws listed in the OWASP Top 10 & the CVE. This complementarity enables HTTPCS to handle all the public flaws, but also unknown ones that will be spotted and stopped in the future thanks to the expertise of its cybersecurity team.

Flaws and Grey Box
HTTPCS robot detects all the flaws known within dictionaries such as OWASP and CVE, but it goes even further by integrating « zero-day » flaws on a daily basis.HTTPCS robot detects all the flaws known within dictionaries such as OWASP and CVE, but it goes even further by integrating « zero-day » flaws on a daily basis.

Flaws and Grey Box
Acunetix detects and processes vulnerabilities from dictionaries like top 10 OWASP and the CVE. Unlike HTTPCS, Acunetix does not process « zero-day » flaws.

False positive

False positive processing

False positives are a major issue in the world of vulnerability scanners and cybersecurity in general.

In the case of a vulnerability scanner, a «false positive» is a security flaw that is displayed by the scanner, even though it is not an actual flaw. Indeed, this security flaw is detected by the tool, but it is actually not exploitable by a hacker, and it does not represent a danger for the security of the scanned website.

The false positives can cause serious consequences in cybersecurity. Indeed, the management of false positives requires a double-check and a manual validation which, for a company, represents an important financial and human cost by draining a tremendous amount of time to experts. They must manually analyze the vulnerability scanner results and classify the flaws depending on if they truly are exploitable by a real hacker or not.

Acunetix enables the management of false positives with its tool, Acusensor which can only reduce them.

HTTPCS has a major competitive advantage because it guarantees the absence of false positives in its vulnerability reports. Indeed, the HTTPCS vulnerability scanner has an intelligent flaw simulator that can confirm or deny the existence of a truly exploitable flaw. This technological asset offers a guarantee of false positive-free results for every scan made with Security.

False positive
The HTTPCS technology can simulate an attack against a flaw, just like a real hacker would do it. The solution is clever and guarantees 0 false positive rate.

False positive
Acusensor can improve the false positive search accuracy, but unlike HTTPCS, it cannot guarantee a 0 false positive rate and cannot replay an attack.

Solutions and specificities

Solutions and specificities

HTTPCS has a real advantage over Acunetix in the field of specificities and solutions.

First, Acunetix, even if it is supposed to be a 100% SaaS solution like HTTPCS, actually requires a software installation on each workstation. This software uses a lot of resources, which causes obvious practical issues.

At the «Bring your own device» era, coworkers are often changing their devices, because of a business trip or homeworking. In this situation, each device will require another installation. It is also important to note that in case of a computer park renewal, Acunetix will have to be reinstalled on each computer.

In terms of specificities, Acunetix has a Web Application Firewall solution, which actively protects the web application. Acunetix also presents itself as very efficient regarding web applications that run through CMS, just like WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal or even Joomla.

Unlike Acunetix, HTTPCS is presenting a 100% SaaS service and it is 100% true. In fact, independently of the location or the machine, simply by using your HTTPCS user ID, you will be able to perform, schedule or check scans in real-time and without any additional installation.

Moreover, HTTPCS can help its customers with three other solutions:

  • Monitoring: A module that warns you when your server or web application becomes unavailable.
  • Integrity: A solution that warns the administrators of a website or application in case of a suspect change in their code or any external source, which can be the symptom of a fraudulent intrusion.
  • Cyber Vigilance: This last solution is the most revolutionary one because it performs a full-time web and dark web monitoring. An alert is sent to the user in case of any data leak or if they are the target of an incoming cyberattack.

Solutions and specificities
HTTPCS provides a complete toolkit suite, built around its web vulnerability scanner and offers a brand new and disruptive Dark Net monitoring.

Solutions and specificities
Acunetix provides a classical Web Application Scanner solution, a firewall and offers a good management of CMS powered applications.

Secure your website or web application now and avoid being hacked!

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Pricing and support

Pricing and support

Pricing and support are important elements in the pre-purchase process, but also in the post-purchase process, because a responsive and qualified support is a heavyweight argument when you are willing to secure your application.

Acunetix does not have any office in every country and, in order to get the solution, it necessarily requires going through an authorized reseller. Prices and features stay the same with every chosen reseller.

Regarding support, Acunetix Acunetix can be contacted by email or on its website.

This last point is highly inconvenient in the case for an application that can detect vulnerabilities because a full-time customer service is essential in case of crisis.

With an email support, texts and a helpline included in the plan, HTTPCS, whose head office is located in France, offers an exemplary customer service, quickly reachable.

In terms of pricing, it will cost between $ 583 / month (477 €) and $ 916 / month (750 €) depending on the number of targets/users for the Acunetix platform (source Comedia Tech).

THe HTTPCS Full package can be provided between $ 590 / month without commitment or $ 492 / month when taking a one-year subscription that includes the 4 modules, Security, Integrity, Monitoring and cyber Vigilance.

To only get the vulnerability scanner, the offer starts at $ 97 / month or $ 240 / month without commitment for automated Grey Box audits.

Pricing and support
HTTPCS prices are clearly stated on its website.Its price is affordable for the services provided. Indeed, the HTTPCS support can be contacted at any time which can help anticipate any crisis situation with serenity.

Pricing and support
Just like HTTPCS, Acunetix prices are clearly displayed on its website and its reseller ones.However, the support is external and will depend on the reseller.
Interface’s overview of our web vulnerability scanner


Security by ziwit logo

logo versus


logo acunetix

Interface SaaS HTTPCS interface is clear, sober and modern.Easy to use and handle, it is user-friendly. Tutorials and Dedicated Account Managers are also available for any question.

Acunetix interface is not 100% SaaS available. It is clear but too much minimalist, especially when its fluency and design can be questioned depending on the computer. Unlike HTTPCS, it is not possible to check the reports online.

Overall comparative rating

In order to conclude this study, here is a general recap of the different tested features. Each feature has been graded out of 5 in order to obtain a final grade of 30.

comparative rating

Based on the features and specificities of each application, HTTPCS obtained a grade of 29/30 against 19/30 for Acunetix. Therefore, the HTTPCS vulnerability scanner is better to meet the needs of a company that is looking for a web vulnerability scanner.

Acunetix and HTTPCS offer efficient solutions but inequal features and customer services.

On the basis of a web application securitization need, the HTTPCS expertise on this topic (0 false positive guarantee, and its 3 other complementary modules) and the constantly available customer service make the choice much more relevant.

In order to discover the web vulnerability scanner HTTPCS Security, a free 14-day trial is possible or a quick online demonstration will get you used to the dashboard.

Vulnerability Scanner tested by more than 9200 companies around the world

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