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HTTPCS by ziwit vs distill.io

Distill.io and HTTPCS Integrity checker comparison

If you’re looking for an integrity checker for your company,
this comparative study will guide you in your purchase intent. The study presents the advantages and disadvantages of two well-known integrity checkers on the market: HTTPCS Integrity and Distill.io.

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Headless and grey box

The Headless technology can completely map web applications and websites, including dynamic content or content from external sources.


100% mapping and Headless technology through an Add-on for your browser

HTTPCS Integrity can check the integrity of any content, including the spaces after an authentication.


Grey Box testing available through an Add-on for your browser

Alerts are sent via API integration, by email, text, as well as on the user's console.

By email, SMS and various integrations via an API

The services is not based on a "credit" plan. On the contrary, alerts included in the plan are unlimited.


Limited to 5000 emails/month and 300 SMS/month

You can choose an unlimited number of recipients, with no extra cost. Your working teams will be able to work efficiently.

Unlimited recipients

INTEGRITY alerts its users in case of fraudulent change on their website or web application, on the basis of multiple criteria defined by the users. They can choose to only be alerted in case of fraudulent change.


Possibility to set rules

The users can easily see any fraudulent change thanks to a report or a "before/after" display of the elements modified.


Viewing of changes through a "before/after" display

Data storage (history of changes) is unlimited at HTTPCS, so you can create statistical studies on the long run.

Storage of the last 20 checks

There is no delay between each check with HTTPCS Integrity: the monitoring is performed in real-time.

Check frequency: from 5 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the monitor, limited to 160,000 checks/month

Analysis performed file by file, so it can send every internal error.

No error detection

All changes (including those hidden in the code) from internal and external sources are processed.

Visual check

Fraudulent traffic redirections from the company to a malicious website are detected in real-time.

No detection of fraudulent redirections

Thanks to its large database, HTTPCS Integrity can check for malware and corrupted files (Trojan Horse) within your application.

No detection of malware and corrupted files

Unlike its competitors, Integrity sends the changes and ranks them according to their level of criticality.

No ranking of the threats

The INTEGRITY solution is related to a Machine Learning technology. The intelligent robot constantly evolves over the audits and becomes more efficient with time.

No Machine Learning

If a modification comes from your internal team, you can "white-list" it to indicate that it's not fraudulent.

No white-list system

Integrity is compatible with the 3 other HTTPCS modules (Security, Monitoring and CyberVigilance). Therefore, the company's security management is centralized within a single ergonomic interface.

No specific complementarity

An efficient API is made available, just so the users can interconnect their tools.


API made available only in a private beta

The HTTPCS interface is available in French and English.


Multilingual interface, but poor translation

The interface of the HTTPCS console is intuitive, ergonomic, and easy to use. No installation is required because it is an SaaS platform.

Ergonomic SaaS solution

Within the console, websites can be categorized for a better management of check campaigns.

Possibility to mark the monitorings as a "Watchlist"

Reports are entirely exportable.

Export feature available

From 49 € to 59 € / month depending on a subscription with commitment or not. There is no extra cost with HTTPCS, the alerts and number of recipients are unlimited.


From $49 to $45 / month if you choose commitment + alert cost

HTTPCS technical support is available in 7 languages, including French and English. The service can be reach over the phone, by email and online chat. An FAQ is also made available.

English-speaking support is only available by online chat, and complete FAQ

Support can be reached during office hours over the phone (from 9am to 7pm) and 24/7 by email.


Reply within 1 business day

The HTTPCS console is based on a 100% SaaS model, so there is no installation fee. You just have to log with your login ID from any computer.

No installation fee

European leader in Cybersecurity, HTTPCS by Ziwit is a French company. Trust a company close to you that respect a privacy policy in compliance with the GDPR.

Company located in India, no indication about the GDPR

Headless and Grey Box

Headless and GreyBox

The integrity checker solutions on the market have many recurring features. Among them, the Headless technology is a feature included in the best offers on the market, because it can map the whole content of a website or web application.

Integrity by HTTPCS provides this feature in order to scan dynamic content, i.e. content adapting to some contexts. Distill.io also provides this technology, incorporated with an Add-on only working on the main browsers.

Some parts of an application, like a member area, require an authentication to be accessed to. Solutions like HTTPCS perform Grey Box testing to get access to the whole application for an optimum integrity checking. The Distill.io integrity checker cannot perform Grey Box testing within authenticated areas.

Headless and Grey Box
Thanks to the Headless crawling, the static (HTML) and dynamic (Javascript, CSS…) content checking is performed. Authenticated content is checked thanks to Grey Box testing.

Headless and Grey Box
The Headless technology is performed thanks to an add-on working with the main web browsers.

Frequency and URL limitation

Frequency and URL limitation

Integrity by HTTPCS can check all the pages of an application with no limitation, unlike most competitors on the market.

Indeed, Distill.io checks one page after another while Integrity can support, with just a click, the whole application and its external sources.

Integrity by HTTPCS is one the rare integrity checkers that performs real-time monitoring, which is a real advantage for companies that constantly create and share content.

With Distill.io, you can choose among two kinds of monitoring:

  • The regular monitors, or “Cloud Monitor”, hosted by the company
  • The monitors supported by the customer (Local Monitor), in which the company rents the solution. The Local Monitor has the advantage of reducing the scan frequency between two integrity checks: from 5 seconds to 30 days max. By contrast, the frequency scan of Cloud Monitors starts every 2 minutes.

While HTTPCS fully scans a website in real-time, the numbers of checks performed by Distill.io is limited to 160,000/month per monitor. A user who has an application with 1,000 URLs and only one monitor will only be able to perform 160 complete checks.

Frequency and URL limitation
With its real-time checking, there is no page or frequency limitation. The application is fully checked all the time, which makes Integrity competitive in terms of reactivity.

Frequency and URL limitation
A company can resort to Cloud Monitoring or Local Monitoring by using its own monitors. The scan frequency is 5 seconds with the local monitors and 2 minutes for the cloud monitors.



An integrity checker can also send notifications when a fraudulent change is detected.

Integrity by HTTPCS notifies its user by email or text, but also via an API with no limitation regarding the number of alerts sent. The users of the Integrity solution can also add as many recipients as they like.

Distill.io sends notifications by email, SMS, but also by push notifications or by API integration (Webhooks). However, the alerts are subjected to a monthly limitation: 5,000 notifications and 300 SMS alerts. The number of recipients is also limited to 4 users, even though you can add more for an extra cost.

text, email or API alerts are unlimited, along with the number of recipients.

The users are warned about any integrity change by email, SMS, push notification and by API integration. Limited to 5,000 emails/month and 300 SMS/month.

Viewing and data storage

Viewing of changes and data storage

Letting the users monitor a change made on their website or web application is crucial for an integrity checker.

As for Integrity by HTTPCS, you just have to click on the alert details to view the detected changes. Just by looking at the “before/after”, the user can white-list the alert if it’s a normal change (made by internal working teams) or confirm if it’s a fraudulent change. The viewing of changes is more regular on Distill.io, since new elements are written in red on the representation of the monitored page.

Regarding users’ data storage:

  • HTTPCS Integrity stores them indefinitely to create statistics at any time. Even after contract cancellation, the data is stored on the servers for a year.
  • Distill.io provides the users the last 20 check reports made available from the interface, which is inconvenient to create long-term studies.

Viewing and data storage
A before/after viewing of the changes. The data is stored during the whole duration of the subscription.

Viewing and data storage
A before/after viewing. The last 20 check reports are made available.



Each solution has its own specificities that differentiate them from other integrity checkers.

Choosing to perform integrity checks from its own devices is what differentiates Distill.io from its competitors. Compared to a regular monitor, the scan frequency performances are better. However, resorting to a Local Monitor implies additional expenses for a company regarding its infrastructure.

Regarding HTTPCS Integrity, checking external sources of a web application is a real strength.

The external sources are parts of a web application (an API integration, e.g.) from a third party. If the external source goes through a fraudulent attack, it will directly impact the website that hosts that source. Google will tell its users that your website is dangerous, which will negatively impact your e-reputation. In this context, the HTTPCS solution will keep you out of trouble.

Thanks to its new feature, Integrity can now detect malicious files, just like an antivirus. Besides, the solution is compatible and complementary with the rest of the HTTPCS cybersecurity suite (Monitoring, Security and CyberVigilance).

The main advantages of Integrity are the checking of external sources, its malicious file detection feature and its complementarity with HTTPCS SECURITY, MONITORING and CYBER-VIGILANCE.

The main specificity of Distill.io is that the user can freely choose to perform its integrity check or not. The “Local Monitoring” has the advantage of giving better performances than “Cloud Monitoring”.
Interface’s overview of our web integrity checker


Integrity by ziwit logo

Just like the 3 other HTTPCS complementary modules (Security, Monitoring and CyberVigilance), the Integrity user interface is fully SaaS and ergonomic. It is eye-appealing, intuitive and efficient.

Easy to use, the product can be set up in accordance with the user’s needs: scan frequency, type of alert to detect, setting up recipients… You can even benefit from a tailored feature by reaching a dedicated account manager.

The Distill.io interface is intuitive and available in French, even though some parts are not translated. Simple and flowing, this interface gives an overall viewing of the management of operations.

Included in the HTTPCS console, Integrity goes very well with this SaaS, ergonomic and responsive architecture.

The Distill.io SaaS interface is intuitive and ergonomic.

Monitor the integrity of your websites and web applications and be alerted when you get hacked!

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Pricing and support

Pricing and support

Integrity monthly plan costs $ 33 / month with a one-year commitment. For the same services, you can choose a $ 39 / month plan without commitment.

Distill.io proposes two monthly rates:

  • $ 45 / month (40 €) with a one-year commitment
  • $ 49 / month (43 €) without commitment

Even if the HTTPCS Integrity checker is based on a Headless inventive technology and on Grey Box testing, you also need to provide a customer service that matches up to your expertise. Its support is based on a high-quality customer service that can be reached over the phone, by email and online chat. Receptive, support is made available in 7 languages, including French and English.

Unlike HTTPCS, Distill.io support is only available in English. A complete FAQ is made available on their website. Distill.io support can be reached by email, with a 1-business day reply guarantee.

Pricing and support
HTTPCS support, reachable over the phone and by email, is provided in 7 languages, including French and English. The price of the Integrity solution ranges from $ 33 / month to $ 39 / month depending on the plan chosen.

Pricing and support
Technical support can be reached by email, with a 1-business day reply guarantee. Prices range from $ 45 (40 €) and $ 49 (43 €) / month depending on the selected plan.

Final benchmark

Each feature studied in this comparative study was scored out of 5 to obtain a result out of 35. Here is the general recap:

Overall comparative rating

This comparative study revealed the strongest and weakest points of the two well-known integrity checker tools on the market. The Integrity by HTTPCS score is higher than Distill.io’s, with a grade of 34/35 against 22/35 for its competitor. The superiority of the HTTPCS solution is mainly justified by its high-quality customer service and by its full mapping that checks all the content (static and dynamic).

If you want to discover the HTTPCS Integrity checker, try a 14-day free trial or request an online demo.

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