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HTTPCS by ziwit vs Site 24x7

HTTPCS and Site 24x7 Web Monitoring tools comparison

Through this comparative study, discover the differences,
advantages and disadvantages of the solutions 24x7 Site Monitoring and Monitoring by HTTPCS. At the end of this study, you will know the best alternative in order to meet your company’s needs.

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Control test

The HTTPCS solution delivers a high performance with a monitoring frequency every minutes (customizable)

Monitoring frequency: 60 seconds

Monitoring by HTTPCS performs its tests from 50 data centers in over 7 worldwide locations. The solution offers a complete and efficient monitoring of your website or web application.

Number of checkpoints: 60

The tests are performed from probes all around the world, and not only near the geographical localization of the company.

Worldwide testing

Monitoring warns its users at any time with a text, Email or by API integration.


Alerts by vocal, SMS, email and API integration (with extra charge)

There is no restriction regarding the number of alerts sent by SMS, email or by API integration. Unlimited alerts are included in the plan


Limited number of alerts

Unlimited number of recipients. For the same price, your whole working team can be part of your website monitoring

Unlimited recipients

Monitoring alert limits can be set up in order to dissociate real performance loss from real functioning

Advanced settings available (limitations)

HTTPCS Monitoring can monitor your DNS (Domain Name System)

DNS management

Thanks to our exclusive technology of "Virtual Browser", we offer you a very simple tool to record your scenarios without any technical skill being required. (no external program installation, no browser extension, no programming).

Programming of complex scenario steps

The fingerprint feature recognizes "proof", proving a website normal functioning. If there is no proof, the anomaly will immediatly be sent to our working teams

Fingerprint testing available

HTTPCS monitors all your web applications and web services

Web applications and web services management

You can check the respect of your service level agreement with your service provider by benefiting from an impartial and infallible third person's data

Service Level Agreement feature

HTTPCS offers a 0 false positive guarantee to its users, so it can send alerts about real and proven anomalies

False positive management not mentionned

HTTPCS Monitoring perfectly checks your server availability

Perfect server management

HTTPCS Monitoring is part of the complete HTTPCS cybersecurity suite. The users can easily find the modules they subscribed to within a single console

No additional module related to cybersecurity

Thanks to its Machine Learning technology, the HTTPCS Monitoring robot learns from previous anomalies to anticipate them more efficiently in the future

No Machine Learning to foresee or improve the service

A 99.999% monitoring service continuity, which guarantees a false positive management

No service continuity guaranteed

Since the HTTPCS console is 100% SaaS, no installation is required. You just need to access a web interface by logging in with your login ID

SaaS interface with no installation

Unlimited number of users. The accounts can easily and quickly be set up with just a few clicks

Unlimited number of users

The reports can be exported at any time to create detailed statistics

Export feature available

Unlimited data storage


Data stored between 1 month and 5 years

An API is made available, just so the users can incorporate the HTTPCS modules within their favorite applications

An API is made available to make the connection easier with the different tools

The HTTPCS interface is available in French and English

Multilingual interface

The HTTPCS interface is easy to access, intuitive and ergonomic. No training is required to get familiar with the console

Online interface, easy to access and intuitive, no download required

The Monitoring by HTTPCS prices are fixed and include all the features without any additional cost

The price of the solution varies depending on the features chosen, the number of users and alerts set up

The Monitoring by HTTPCS montly prices are ranging between 17 € and 21 € if you choose a montly or annual plan

From 35 € to 39 € / month (+ 0.20 € per additional alert)

No installation fee required to benefit from the monitoring solution

No installation fee

HTTPCS provides a quality technical support in 7 languages, including French and English

Multilingual support

Technical support can be reached over the phone during office hours and 24/7 by email

Available during office hours

Technical support can be reached over the phone, by email, SMS and online chat. A detailed FAQ is made available to answer your questions at any time

Email, helpline, chat and FAQ

European Cybersecurity leader, HTTPCS is a French company, also available in the United States. HTTPCS protects your data in accordance with the GDPR


Company located in the United States. The privacy policy is GDPR-compliant



Using a monitoring tool is very useful when it comes to controlling a server or application’s accessibility and availability. It ensures a regular and effective monitoring and warns you in case of any anomaly so you can directly react to it.

HTTPCS, thanks to its exclusive “Virtual Browser” technology, provides a very simple tool to record monitoring scenarios (transaction monitoring tool) with no technical skill required. The scenarios are automatically replayed every 15 minutes by a real browser, and are manually re-playable at any time.

Therefore, HTTPCS has a real technological advantage over Site 24x7 that also provides a monitoring scenario feature but which requires a tedious and difficult programming of each step.

Site 24x7 monitoring tests are performed from over 60 checkpoints across 8 locations. On the other hand, Monitoring by HTTPCS has 50 checkpoints across 7 locations.

One of their common assets is that these two tools offer unlimited number of users, which enables large teams to work together with a single plan and without any additional fee. They also offer very consistent monitoring frequency, that is to say one check every minute!

Site 24x7 has also a Real User Monitoring (RUM) service, a service that gathers data from real sessions of Internet users in real time. It gives a reliable measurement.

Site 24x7 and Monitoring by HTTPCS can both run fingerprint checks, on web applications as well as servers. By recording fingerprints of « normal » operating status, irregularities can be detected at any time.

Both solutions guarantee the avoidance of false positives by performing multiple tests to ensure that a flaw is usable before issuing the alert. With its fifty data centers, Monitoring by HTTPCS is especially efficient in managing false positives.

Site 24x7 and HTTPCS differentiate from each other with their data storage policy. While Site 24x7 stores the users’ data between 1 month to 5 years depending on their importance, HTTPCS has an unlimited data storage policy, valid for the whole duration of the plan.

Monitoring by HTTPCS supports web apps and servers. Checks are run every minutes (customizable), with zero false positives guarantee. Number of users is unlimited, as well as data storage.

Site 24x7 also supports web apps and servers. A check is run every 60 seconds, with a no false positives guarantee. The number of users is unlimited, however the data is stored between 1 month and 5 years. Site 24x7 has a RUM system which is useful to collect accurate user’s data.


Real-time notifications

In order to prevent “down times”, which could lead to major issues for a company, the notification system included within the monitoring solution can detect any irregularity on the website or application.

Users can be notified via text messages, email, over the phone, etc. Nowadays, it is even possible to go further than the traditional ways of contact through API integration, using web platforms or services such as Slack and Zapier.

Site 24x7 provides phone and text notifications, with a 150-units/month plan. It should be noted that if a company wants to be notified more often, an additional package will be charged.

Unlike Site 24x7, Monitoring by HTTPCS offers a monthly unlimited alerts plan. With just a few clicks, the recipients can be easily set up to automatically receive emails, text alerts and notifications via an API integration.

With unlimited recipients, texts, email and API alerts, Monitoring by HTTPCS disrupts the web monitoring market.

Site 24x7 restricts the number of text alerts to 200 per month, each text message not included in the contract causes an extra fee. E-mail alerts are included in the plan.

Key aspects

Specific aspects of monitoring

It is quite common to find monitoring solutions on the market that offer similar performances and features.

However, some companies stand out from others, with new technologies. This applies to Monitoring by HTTPCS and 24x7 site, which bring real added value to their solutions.

The advantage of Site 24x7 comes from the fact that its "Professional" plan includes a Real User Monitoring system.

The Real User Monitoring is a complementary function to a monitoring tool that allows, through a script, to collect data from users visiting the website.

This data can be:

  • The kind of internet browser
  • The latency for a specific page, which directly affects the loading time of a web page
  • The latency per dynamic content, i.e. the loading time of an image or an action button for example
  • Geographical position information

The Real User Monitoring gathers precise information about the real nature of the visitors (location, browser, etc.) in order to adjust its content accordingly.

The outstanding feature of Monitoring by HTTPCS is its pioneering Machine Learning.

Its intelligent algorithm constantly learns from events observed on an application or a server. He is then able to prevent a security incident from happening. Therefore, the HTTPCS Machine Learning solves anomalies before they cause any negative consequence.

Key aspects
The HTTPCS Machine Learning is one of its main strengths. The system can effectively anticipate website or app downtimes. Indeed, the machines learn from the collected data to independently make strategic decisions.

Key aspects
Its Real User Monitoring system is an advantage because it improves the tracking visitor performance in real time.



Downtime risks of a server or application are greatly reduced by using a web monitoring tool. However, it is quite justified for the user to have questions. There are various reasons to seek advice from a technical service. They may include:

  • A technical advice request about the resolution of an incident
  • A advice request about the use of a solution
  • A question about the account management

The importance of international, responsive and available support is essential.

Monitoring by HTTPCS and Site 24x7 both provide email support and a helpline, which can be reached during office hours. The HTTPCS support has the advantage of being multilingual (7 different languages), which gives it a seamless international reactivity. The unlimited HTTPCS support also includes FAQ, a text contact and an online chat

Support is responsive and can be reached by email and phone during office hours. It also offers an FAQ and an online chat

Support can be reached by email and over the phone during office hours. An online chat and FAQ are available online.
Overview of the interface of our Monitoring tool


Monitoring by ziwit logo

Monitoring scenario
Simulate to ensure the user experience

Thanks to our exclusive technology of "Virtual Browser", we offer you a very simple tool to record your scenarios without any technical skill being required. (no external program installation, no browser extension, no programming).

You will be able to monitor the important steps of your users (login, form, shopping cart, sso, ...) by adding a text presence proof and be alerted in real time when one of them is inaccessible or unavailable.

The scenarios are replayed automatically every 15 minutes by a real browser, and can be replayed manually at any time.

Pages performance are recorded and viewable: network measurements (DNS, server connection, TLS ...), time and number of redirects, DOM interactivity time, full loading time of pages and their resources with response sizes and compression ratio.

Scenario monitoring (transaction monitoring tool) is an essential tool to guarantee the functioning of your sites (e-commerce sites, CMS, business web applications, SaaS applications) to your customers and users.

Monitor right away the availability of your website or web application in real time!

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Our pricing against Site24x7

As for the prices, Monitoring by HTTPCS has an edge over its competitor.

The plan without commitment is $ 17 / month and includes unlimited support and alerts. The same plan is provided for $ 14.17 / month with an annual commitment.

Site 24x7 offer is more expensive, which charges $ 34 / month (39 €) without commitment and $ 31 / month (35 €) with annual commitment. Note that after 150 monthly alerts, you will be charged an additional fee.

$ 17 / month without commitment, unlimited texts alerts included
$ 14.17 / month with annual commitment, text alerts included.

No commitment plan, 150 monthly alerts included: $ 34 / month (39 €)
Annual commitment plan, 150 monthly alerts included: $ 31 / month (35 €).
Comparaison globale

No study would be complete without a final benchmark of its functionalities! The features of each solution have been graded out of 5 with an overall maximum score of 25. Visualize at a glance the potential of HTTPCS and Site 24x7.

Overall comparative rating

HTTPCS is the winner of this comparative study, with a grade of 25/25 against 19/25 for Site 24x7. This result suggests that Monitoring by HTTPCS is more efficient than Site 24x7 to meet the needs of a company looking for a web monitoring tool to provide a full-time availability of a website or an application.

Don’t let downtimes ruin your company’s activities, choose our monitoring tool now

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