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HTTPCS by ziwit vs Terbium Labs

Comparison of Cyber Vigilance
and Terbium Labs Matchlight data leak detection tools

You want to be warned the minute your company might become the target of a cyberattack? Cyber Vigilance by HTTPCS can turn out to be a great alternative to the Terbium Labs Matchlight solution thanks to its innovative technology.

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A 100% automated functioning with virtual agents located on the different layers of the web (Dark Web, Deep Web and regular Web).

Automated process

Cyber Vigilance reports in real-time any mention of your domain name, IP address, brand name…

Any kind of data

Cyber Vigilance detects in real-time any email address leak, with or without encrypted password.

Any kind of data

The number of alerts sent by SMS is not limited. Alerts are unlimited and included in the plan.

Unlimited alerts

The number of recipients is unlimited. For the same price, all of your team is warned if your company is about to be hacked.

No limitation mentionned

Alerts available by email 24/7.

No email alert

Unlimited SMS alerts.

No SMS alert

API makes it easy to integrate unlimited notifications.

API notifications are also available

The Cyber Vigilance solution is complementary to the modules of the HTTPCS suite for a full cybersecurity: Security, Monitoring and Integrity.

No compatibility with other modules

European leader in Cybersecurity, HTTPCS is a French company. HTTPCS guarantees data protection in accordance with the GDPR and provides French-speaking interlocutors.

Office located in Baltimore, MD, USA

The HTTPCS console is 100% SaaS and does not require any installation. You just have to log into the web interface via the website with your login details.

100% SaaS Console

The users of the Console classify their websites into categories, which makes your application management easier.

No classification system

You can manage precisely the users and their access privileges.

Management of various users

The Console interface is available in French and English.

Interface only in English

The user console interface is ergonomic and intuitive. No technical training required.


Regular interface

No installation fee necessary for the HTTPCS suite.


Not mentionned

HTTPCS provides a technical and quality support in 7 languages, including French and English.

Only English-speaking support

HTTPCS technical support is available during office hours for the Plus version and at any time (24/7) for the Full version.


Support available during office hours

Support can be reached by email and over the phone. A complete FAQ is also available to answer any of your questions.

Email and ticket system

How it works

How it works

The internet is not only about the pages that can be accessed by regular users. They are only the tip of the iceberg, i.e. 10% of all the existing internet pages. Therefore, 90% of the internet pages are not indexed because they require an authentication (and they are part of the Deep Web) or are available on the “Dark Web”, the network of hackers.

Cyber Vigilance monitors all the three tips of the iceberg on the Internet (Web, Deep Web and Dark Web) to find some information about you, in an automated and autonomous way thanks to its “Virtual Agents”.

These robots, using the innovative Machine Learning technology, warns your company in real-time in case of compromised data. For instance, 5 million of sensitive data is collected every day to ensure the security of Cyber Vigilance users.

Terbium Labs Matchlight is a regular monitoring solution on the dark web and deep web, without being devoid of some features.

To avoid that any Terbium employee access some sensitive data of the company to monitor, the data is always encrypted.

Therefore, the users must enter a replacement code for each sensitive data in order to guarantee its confidentiality. Terbium robots will be looking for this encrypted data on the different web stratums.

Some experts supervise the communication and are available to help the users.

How it works
The smart Virtual Agents of Cyber Vigilance crawl every web layer and warns you on the user console in case of compromised data

How it works
Terbium Labs Matchlight lies on a fingerprint system, with the highest level of confidentiality thanks to data encryption. However, this process implies a loss of efficiency (automatic sorting and prioritization)

Reported data

Reported data

During its continous web and dark web monitoring, Cyber Vigilance is looking for two specific kinds of events: the “infra” and “data” events. There are two goals: warn you when there’s a data leak, and when your company is about to be targeted by a cyberattack.

The “infra” events are about your company infrastructure and warn you if there’s a hacking campaign in preparation, for instance.

If your brand is mentioned, if a new vulnerability was discovered, or even if a phishing website forges your brand, you are alerted 24/7 in real-time.

The “data” events are directly linked to data leak and can come from a storage server or from a poorly protected object, or even from an unscrupulous coworker.

The most striking example of “data” event is a password leak, whether they’re encrypted or not, that many companies deal with on a daily basis. Therefore, these passwords are freely available on the dark web and deep web, which can cause serious consequences.

That’s why you absolutely need to be one step ahead of the hackers and be warned on time to follow the required procedures and perform any modification.

With its encrypted fingerprint system, Terbium Labs Matchlight monitors any kind of data, with no limitation. With such a privacy policy, the users can give with confidence their sensitive data such as bank details or their different passwords.

Reported data
The data reported by the Cyber Vigilance module is divided in two groups, the “infra” and “data” events

Reported data
The fingerprint feature gives some liberty as for the data reported, with no apparent limitation



If you suspect an imminent hacking or data leak, your company must be warned as soon as possible. Experts will be able to deal with the problem on time and limit the damage on your infrastructure. Therefore, the alert system of your web monitoring tool must be efficient.

Cyber Vigilance by HTTPCS sends you alerts on its user console, but also by SMS, email or by API integration. The number of SMS and recipients are unlimited. The possibility to warn a user at any time is very useful because many companies get hacked during weekends. These attacks can happen after working hours, so the SMS alerts are the best way to act promptly when a malicious event occurs.

Terbium Labs Matchlight alerts can only be sent on the dashboard. Even though the alerts are immediately sent, you still need to be logged on the platform to receive them.

Cyber Vigilance can report data found via the user console, by email, SMS or by an API with an unlimited number of alerts and recipients

Alerts are reported on the console, but they can’t be sent by email or SMS

Solution specificities

Solution specificities

The noteworthy specificity of Cyber Vigilance by HTTPCS is its complementarity with the three other modules from the HTTPCS suite, which are incorporated within the user console.

The three other HTTPCS modules are:

  • Security, which detects a website or web application vulnerabilities
  • Integrity, which monitors any fraudulent change on a website or web application
  • Monitoring, which warns you if your website, web application or server is unavailable

With the HTTPCS suite, you can oversee your cybersecurity, gathered in one and only user console.

The advantage of the Terbium Labs Matchlight offer is its fingerprint system which ensures a total confidentiality of the user’s sensitive data.

Solution specificities
The solution is complementary to three other modules from the HTTPCS Security, Monitoring and Integrity suite

Solution specificities
The data is encrypted just so it can only be decrypted by the company, which ensures a perfect confidentiality

Customer support

Customer support

Cyber Vigilance technical support is efficient, international and prompt. Available in 7 languages, including English and French, it can be reached over the phone, by email and online chat. Each client gets a dedicated Account Manager to guide you throughout your cybersecurity process. An FAQ is also made available online to answer all your questions. HTTPCS offices are located in Paris, Montpellier and New York.

Terbium Labs Matchlight technical support can only be reached by email. There’s no mention of the response time and opening hours. Terbium Labs Matchlight headquarters are located at Baltimore, MD, US.

Customer support
HTTPCS has a high-quality support, available in 7 languages, including English and French. It can be reached by email, online chat and over the phone. An FAQ and dedicated Account Managers are also made available.

Customer support
Terbium Labs Matchlight provides a very regular support. Its offices are located in the US

Don’t wait anymore and discover right now if attacks against you are being prepared or if you had been the victim of a data theft thanks to Cyber Vigilance!

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Any organization can subscribe to the Cyber Vigilance solution, with a unique pricing around the “Threat Intelligence” solutions.

The monthly subscription without commitment costs $ 395 / month ($ 89) or $ 325 / month ($ 73) with a one-year commitment. You can monitor 5 targets.

Terbium Labs Matchlight costs 4 416 € /month ($ 5 000), which represents a significant investment on the whole year (60 000 $ / year)

This price is far higher than Cyber Vigilance and includes an unlimited number of fingerprints.

In terms of pricing, Cyber Vigilance lets you choose 5 targets for
$ 395 / month ($ 89) without commitment and $ 325 / month ($ 73) with a one-year commitment

Terbium Labs Matchlight pricing is 4 416 € /month ($ 5 000) and per equipped brand.
Interface’s overview of leakage detection


Cyber Vigilance by ziwit logo

Here are different screenshots of the HTTPCS Cybervigilance solution:

Final comparison

The different features and their respective grade had been gathered in a table. This recapitulative table allows you to have a grade over 30 for each threat intelligence solution, and arrive to a decision.

Overall comparative rating

Cyber Vigilance by HTTPCS and Terbium Labs Matchlight are both efficient solutions. By comparing their different features, HTTPCS gets a perfect grade of 30/30, against 19/30 for Terbium Labs.

HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance stands out with its smart Virtual Agents that explore the Dark Web, looking for malicious information about you and its prompt alert system.

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