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HTTPCS by ziwit vs Blueliv

Comparison of the Blueliv
and "Cybervigilance by HTTPCS" data leak detection tools

Looking for a monitoring tool to avoid cyberattacks? Discover our detailed comparison regarding two main solutions on the market: HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance and BlueLiv.

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A 100% automated functioning with virtual agents located on the different layers of the web (Dark Web, Deep Web and regular Web).

Automated process

Cyber Vigilance reports in real-time any mention of your domain name, IP address, brand name…

Any kind of data

Cyber Vigilance detects in real-time any email address leak, with or without encrypted password.

Any kind of data

The number of alerts sent by SMS is not limited. Alerts are unlimited and included in the plan.

Unlimited alerts

The number of recipients is unlimited. For the same price, all of your team is warned if your company is about to be hacked.

No limitation mentionned

Alerts available by email 24/7.

Email alert available

Unlimited SMS alerts.

No SMS alert

API makes it easy to integrate unlimited notifications.

API notifications are also available

The Cyber Vigilance solution is complementary to the modules of the HTTPCS suite for a full cybersecurity: Security, Monitoring and Integrity.

No compatibility with other modules

European leader in Cybersecurity, HTTPCS is a French company. HTTPCS guarantees data protection in accordance with the GDPR and provides French-speaking interlocutors.

Spanish company

The HTTPCS console is 100% SaaS and does not require any installation. You just have to log into the web interface via the website with your login details.

100% SaaS Console

The users of the Console classify their websites into categories, which makes your application management easier.

No classification system

You can manage precisely the users and their access privileges.

Management of various users

The Console interface is available in French and English.

Interface only in English

The user console interface is ergonomic and intuitive. No technical training required.

Difficult interface, training required

No installation fee necessary for the HTTPCS suite.


Not mentionned

HTTPCS provides a technical and quality support in 7 languages, including French and English.

Only English-speaking support

HTTPCS technical support is available during office hours for the Plus version and at any time (24/7) for the Full version.


Support available during office hours

Support can be reached by email and over the phone. A complete FAQ is also available to answer any of your questions.

Ticket system, forum, phone and email

How it works

How it works

These two solutions are based on a web, deep web and dark web (the hackers’ network) indexation system.

According to recent studies, the regular web, i.e. the pages that can be accessed from a search engine, only contains from 5 to 10% of all the websites. Yet, there are great chances that some sensitive data ends up on one of the 90% pages left.

Before going any further, let’s review the three main internet “layers”, from the most superficial to the deepest:

  • The Regular Web contains the web indexed by mainstream search engines. Every internet user can access these internet pages.
  • The Deep Web is the hidden web that contains many sensitive data. To access these pages, you have to be logged in (Member Area, Cloud storage or IoT).
  • The Dark Web contains the pages which are not indexed by search engines. To access the Dark Web pages, you must use specific browsers like Tor. This internet browser gives you access to hacker forums, illegal marketplaces…

Cyber Vigilance uses intelligent robots called “virtual agents”, which can access every web stratum mentioned above. Thanks to the HTTPCS technology and Machine Learning, these kindly robots are always crawling these areas and report incidents in real-time.

When the robot spots compromised sensitive data, an alert is immediately sent. Cyber Vigilance deals with 5 million of sensitive data on a daily basis.

The BlueLiv solution basically works the same way, with robots located in strategic places of the web, looking for sensitive information to ensure the continued existence and integrity of the company.

How it works
The intelligent Virtual Agents are strategically located on the Web, Deep Web and Dark Web, and report sensitive events on the console after sending an alert to the user

How it works
BlueLiv uses a “crawler robot” to report sensitive data thanks to the user console

Reported information

Reported data

Cyber Vigilance can report the two main kinds of data leak to the user, i.e.:

  • The “Infra” event, i.e. the data that can detect the risky communications about your company. These communications can be about a hacking campaign or a “0 day” breach discovered on your infrastructure. The HTTPCS robot can also differentiate a trivial conversation from a risky conversation thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • The “data” events are the most wanted, but also the most accessible. Generally, it’s a hacked data (a customer email, password encrypted or not, various accounts…) made available through a text file after being exploited. An example of this kind of data is what LinkedIn went through a few years ago, which compromised hundred of millions of accounts.

Cyber Vigilance can target 5 “Data” or “Infra” targets with no alert limitation per subscription.

BlueLiv is based on 10 different modules that can monitor data on the internet: a module for any data leak, another one for hacking campaigns or even a section dedicated to attempted phishing…

Some modules, like the “credit cards” module, can detect any leaked bank details and which is only available for bank organizations.

You should keep in mind that an uninformed and untrained user can easily be disoriented by the display of this data when accessing the BlueLiv dashboard.

Reported information
The reported data, divided in two groups, can be anything: password leak, suspicious communications on a Dark Web forum…

Reported information
The different data detected by BlueLiv are classified by theme, based on 10 existing modules

Alert system


Within the scope of a web monitoring solution, the alerts warn the users about their data being in jeopardy.

Cyber Vigilance sends unlimited alerts to its users, towards a non-limited number of recipients, whether by Email, text or by API integration.

BlueLiv also sends unlimited alerts, but only by Email and integration with third-party solutions. Therefore, workers who can’t access its professional emails take the risk of not being aware of the preparation of a cyberattack against their company or any data leak, for instance.

This weakness makes unscrupulous hackers one step ahead of you, since they’ll take advantage of it to perform their malicious deeds.

Alert system
Cyber Vigilance alerts its users with no limitation on the HTTPCS interface, or by Email, SMS, or via API integration with an unlimited number of recipients

Alert system
BlueLiv reports the data found via its Dashboard, or via third-party integrations

Solution specificities

Solution specificities

Even though they’re alike, these two solutions have their own specificities.

Cyber Vigilance distinctive feature is to be integrated within the HTTPCS suite.

The HTTPCS suite is composed of 4 complementary modules that gives an overview of your cybersecurity:

  • SECURITY (web vulnerability scanner)
  • INTEGRITY (integrity checker)
  • MONITORING (to check a web application or server availability)

These solutions can be accessed to via a single console, and there’s no need to use various integrations to centralize everything. Your workers can check your cybersecurity in the blink of an eye.

BlueLiv specificity is that the data is classified in modules to smartly allocate the access and the Dark Web monitoring management for the workers concerned.

Among these different modules, we refer to “Mobile Apps” to detect any fraudulent or copied mobile app. The module “Data Leakage” can detect any data leak. The module “Credentials” detects any credentials leak.

However, this specificity can be associated to a weakness because too many modules can lead to forgetting or losing some information.

Solution specificities
The Cyber Vigilance solution specificity is to be complementary and integrated within the HTTPCS cybersecurity suite

Solution specificities
BlueLiv classifies all the reported data under 10 different modules. This specificity has the disadvantage of multiplying the areas to monitor

Customer support

Customer support

A technical support is essential to grasp the extent of a breach and easily set up your solution.

HTTPCS has high-quality customer support, available in 7 languages, including French and English. It can be reached by email or over the phone. A FAQ, an online chat and dedicated Account Managers are also made available for HTTPCS customers.

The HTTPCS offices are located in Paris, Montpellier and New York.

BlueLiv support is available over the phone, through a number located in Barcelona. It can also be reached through a ticket system. BlueLiv offices are located in Barcelona, London and San Francisco. A responsive forum is also made available, but non-English speakers cannot benefit from this website, forum or support.

Customer support
HTTPCS support is multilingual (7 languages, including French and English). Dedicated Account Managers for each customer is a real advantage in the management of customer relations

Customer support
Because of its location, BlueLiv support is only available in English, through a ticket system, a forum or even a helpline

Don’t wait anymore and discover right now if attacks against you are being prepared or if you had been the victim of a data theft thanks to Cyber Vigilance!

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Pricing is a really important data to take into account when it comes to implementing a web monitoring solution.

Cyber Vigilance service is easily accessible for any organization thanks to its highly competitive pricing. For a subscription that monitors 5 targets in real-time, the monthly subscription costs $ 395 / month ($ 89) with no commitment. By choosing a one-year commitment, the monthly rate is only $ 325 / month ($ 73).

BlueLiv is based on a totally different economic model: no price is indicated if you don’t request a quote. The yearly average price is about a dozen of thousand euros, plus the required training to get familiar with the tool.

The price of the Cyber Vigilance by HTTPCS solution depends on the subscription chosen:

$ 395 / month ($ 89) with no commitment
$ 325 / month ($ 73) with a one-year commitment

BlueLiv does not provide fixed prices, but only a template if you request a quote. Without the training costs, you should expect to pay a dozen of thousand euros for a yearly subscription
Interface’s overview of leakage detection


Cyber Vigilance by ziwit logo

Here are different screenshots of the HTTPCS Cybervigilance solution:

Final comparison

As each feature received a grade over 5, the final grade over 30 will permit to determine the best threat intelligence solution. Discover the result below thanks to our recapitulation table.

Overall comparative rating

This comparative study of two web monitoring solutions, based on the technology, the notifications, the specificities, the interface, the pricing and the support, led to the conclusion that Cyber Vigilance is more efficient than BlueLiv.

Indeed, based on a grade out of 30, the Cyber Vigilance score (30/30) is clearly higher than BlueLiv’s one (20/30).

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