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HTTPCS by ziwit vs Digital Shadow

Comparison of Digital Shadows
and "Cyber Vigilance by HTTPCS" data leak detection tools

Discover two web monitoring solution alternatives in order to be promptly warned in case of data leak or hacking attempt: HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance and Digital Shadows

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A 100% automated functioning with virtual agents located on the different layers of the web (Dark Web, Deep Web and regular Web).

Automated process

Cyber Vigilance reports in real-time any mention of your domain name, IP address, brand name…

Any kind of data

Cyber Vigilance detects in real-time any email address leak, with or without encrypted password.

Any kind of data

The number of alerts sent by SMS is not limited. Alerts are unlimited and included in the plan.

Unlimited alerts

The number of recipients is unlimited. For the same price, all of your team is warned if your company is about to be hacked.

5 recipients at most

Alerts available by email 24/7.

Email alert available

Unlimited SMS alerts.

No SMS alert

API makes it easy to integrate unlimited notifications.

API notifications are also available

The Cyber Vigilance solution is complementary to the modules of the HTTPCS suite for a full cybersecurity: Security, Monitoring and Integrity.

No compatibility with other modules

European leader in Cybersecurity, HTTPCS is a French company. HTTPCS guarantees data protection in accordance with the GDPR and provides French-speaking interlocutors.

English company located in London

The HTTPCS console is 100% SaaS and does not require any installation. You just have to log into the web interface via the website with your login details.

100% SaaS Console

The users of the Console classify their websites into categories, which makes your application management easier.

No classification system

You can manage precisely the users and their access privileges.

5 users at most

The Console interface is available in French and English.

Interface only in English

The user console interface is ergonomic and intuitive. No technical training required.

Difficult interface, training required

No installation fee necessary for the HTTPCS suite.


Not mentionned

HTTPCS provides a technical and quality support in 7 languages, including French and English.

Only English-speaking support

HTTPCS technical support is available during office hours for the Plus version and at any time (24/7) for the Full version.

Support available 24/7

Support can be reached by email and over the phone. A complete FAQ is also available to answer any of your questions.

Phone, email, online chat and dedicated lawyer

How it works

How it works

All the pages on the internet are not as easy to access as the your “everyday” pages. Unlike the pages indexed like this one, i.e. which are accessible from a search engine like Google, 90% of the existing pages are not indexed.

There are two pages “hidden” from the internet users:

  • The Deep Web pages, not indexed because they are only accessible through an authentication, like a Member Area on a banking website, for instance.
  • And the Dark Web pages, invisible to legal search engines because they contain illegal content or content voluntarily hidden

On these pages, there are signs that a hacking campaign is looming over your company, or that a coworker’s unencrypted data is made available. In this situation, you’d better surround yourself with the best to prevent an attack from happening.

Cyber Vigilance is a solution powered by an artificial intelligence created by HTTPCS. Regarding users data, the HTTPCS "Virtual Agents" will crawl the data leaks they have access to. For example, if the user has created an account on a website with his professional email address and that website is being hacked, they will be immediately notified.

Once the robots found a compromised element for your company, an alert is immediately sent to Cyber Vigilance users. HTTPCS collects over 5 million pieces of data on a daily basis.

Digital Shadow web monitoring solution is based on a search engine, so the users can freely search key words to find some data on the Dark Web. These key words can be monitored, and relevant news linked to the Dark Web are accessible.

The Digital Shadow tool is powerful, but it has two weaknesses:

  • You need a full-time employee to deal with the tool because of its lack of popularization and poor ergonomics
  • It raises moral and ethical issues, because any user can access critical data

How it works
The smart Virtual Agents of Cyber Vigilance crawl all the web layers (Web, Deep Web, Dark Web) and warns you on your console if there’s an incident

How it works
A search engine is provided for an unrestricted use, with the possibility to automate a research. However, it might take time to get familiar with it.

Reported data

Reported data

Cyber Vigilance reports any kind of data. You just have to define it as a “target”, and at the slightest appearance, a notification will be sent to you.

The targets are gathered in two categories: the “Infra” and “Data” targets.

The “Infra” events are about your company, like someone mentioning your brand, a malicious use or even a hacking or “doxing” campaign.

The “Data” events are about a data leak, like professional email addresses, password leaks and other personal data.

Digital Shadow, working as an autonomous search engine, also reports any kind of data: from a simple quote about your company on malicious forums to your coworker’s passwords, for instance.

This data monitoring can be performed by target system, or can be found by the user who entered the key words in the Digital Shadow search engine.

Reported data
Two events can be reported by Cyber Vigilance: data and infra events. They can also be anything: passwords, malicious communications on hacking forums…

Reported data
Great liberty to choose the reported data, no classification and data prioritization



In Dark Web and Deep Web monitoring solutions, the alerts can warn the users that their data is in jeopardy. Warning the users is part of the monitoring process, and in this context, promptness is essential to limit the damage.

Cyber Vigilance works on a model based on promptness, by sending its alerts by email, SMS, or by API integration. They are immediately sent and unlimited as for the number of alerts or recipients. In order to create statistics and get a long-term vision about your cybersecurity, the notification history is kept indefinitely on your HTTPCS user console.

The Digital Shadow alert can be sent by email, directly from the interface of the solution, or through integration via an API with team management tools. It’s important to add that Digital Shadow does not send SMS alerts, which undeniably leads to a lack of reactivity.

Cyber Vigilance reports the data found via its User Console, by email, text or by API integration with an unlimited number of alerts and recipients

The alerts are available on the dashboard, by email and various integrations via an API. The brand does not support SMS alerts

Solution specificities

Solution specificities

If Cyber Vigilance and Digital Shadow are both solutions that can monitor all the web layers, they have their own distinctive features.

Cyber Vigilance is at the heart of the HTTPCS cybersecurity solution and can benefit from its compatibility with the three other HTTPCS modules:

  • Security, its bestseller, an innovative web vulnerability scanner
  • Integrity, its new service, a tool that can check for the integrity and changes made on a website and web application
  • Monitoring, a solution to know your website, web application and server availability with a 99,999% guarantee

These solutions are accessible from the user console, with no need for various integrations. With HTTPCS, your cybersecurity is centralized and available in just a few clicks.

Intuitive and user-friendly, this solution gives you a chance to precisely oversee the hacking activities happening around the world (latest news, latest campaigns)

The first distinctive feature of Digital Shadow is its autonomous search engine that crawls the Dark Web and Deep Web, looking for any kind of information by entering specific key words. However, it still raises moral and ethical issues.

Its second specific feature is its dashboard that provides many news about the Dark Web and Deep Web world. A community of hackers, ethical or not, is very active around Digital Shadow.

Solution specificities
Cyber Vigilance is incorporated within the HTTPCS cybersecurity suite. The solution is complementary to the three other HTTPCS modules: Security, Integrity and Monitoring.

Solution specificities
Possibility to freely crawl its Dark Web and Deep Web database. A news portal and “white hatters” community are also made available.

Technical Assistance

Technical support

Technical support is essential to understand the extent of a breach and easily set up your solution.

HTTPCS has a high-quality support, available in 7 languages, including French and English, by email or over the phone. A unique salesperson is assigned to the customers throughout the duration of your subscription. You can also access a complete FAQ and an online chat.

HTTPCS offices are located in Paris, Montpellier and New York.

Just like HTTPCS, Digital Shadow has a high-quality support. It’s available over the phone (only in English), by email, online chat. Rare advantage, Digital Shadow makes available for its users a dedicated lawyer for any legal question about data protection.

Technical Assistance
HTTPCS support is international (7 languages, including French and English) and available by email, online chat and over the phone. A complete FAQ is available and each user benefits from a unique Account Manager.

Technical Assistance
High-quality and complete support. It can be reached over the phone, by email and online chat. The active community of Digital Shadow and the dedicated lawyer and also a real advantage.

Don’t wait anymore and discover right now if attacks against you are being prepared or if you had been the victim of a data theft thanks to Cyber Vigilance!

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These two solutions are based on a very different economic model.

For a subscription without commitment, with 5 targets of your choice to monitor, the Cyber Vigilance solution costs $ 395 / month ($ 89). By choosing the same plan with a one-year commitment, the price is only
$ 325 / month ($ 73).

With a price starting from 52 992 € / year ($ 60 000) for 5 users and only one brand monitored, the Digital Shadow offer is clearly more expansive than the Cyber Vigilance one. You have to take into account that you need a full-time employee to deal with the tool.

The price of the Cyber Vigilance by HTTPCS solution depends on the subscription chosen:

$ 395 / month ($ 89) without commitment
$ 325 / month ($ 73) with a one-year commitment

The price of Digital Shadow is 52 992 € / year ($ 60 000) for 5 users and only one company. The cost can be prohibitive.
Interface’s overview of leakage detection


Cyber Vigilance by ziwit logo

Here are different screenshots of the HTTPCS Cybervigilance solution:

Final comparison

To face Digital Shadow and Cyber Vigilance in this comparison study permits the élaboration of an accurate rating of the two solutions. Find the synthesis of the study under the form of a recapitulative table below and discover the grade over 30 obtained by each of the two solutions.

Overall comparative rating

Digital Shadow and HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance are two very good solutions for anyone who would like to know if their website or web application might be hacked or if their sensitive data have been hacked.

By comparing its functioning, the reported data, alerts, specificities or even technical support, and by applying grades out of 5, we can establish a final score to clearly decide between the two web monitoring solutions.

Cyber Vigilance by HTTPCS seems to be the best of the two solutions.

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