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Chrome 66 update : SSL certificates deemed illegitimate [EN]

Chrome 66 update: SSL certificates deemed illegitimate

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DDOS amplified via Memcached exposed or when a problem is hiding another one [EN]

Last week the web experienced its biggest denial of service attack. The most popular of its victims is Github, whose logs show an increase in load equivalent to 1.3Tbps (1300 Gbps).

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Impact study - Amazon S3 AWS Buckets configuration [EN]

For several months now, the media report data leaks from misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets which allow to read of sensitive files

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Vulnerability in SSL Checkers [EN]

Many services on the internet allow to check SSL Certificates. They display information about certificates and indicate if they are valid and well configured.

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Wannakey, the Wannacry Decryption Tool [EN]

If you have been connected to the Internet for the last two weeks, you must have heard about Wannacry, the ransomware which infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world. Basically, the malware targets all the Windows releases, even if

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