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Wannakey, the Wannacry Decryption Tool [EN]

If you have been connected to the Internet for the last two weeks, you must have heard about Wannacry, the ransomware which infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world. Basically, the malware targets all the Windows releases, even if

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Cloud & Cryptanalysis : How the Cloud could modify the hacking customs in a close future [EN]

Everyday and everywhere, people is debating about cryptographic systems and their security. To decide what level of security one needs for one's data, it is first necessary to be aware about cryptanalysis methods that are used nowadays.

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How to choose the right Web Vulnerability Scanner ? [EN]

Most users are always taking into account Price of Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS), and most of providers take into consideration their Features. The price has to be considered as an Investment, with a quick ROI.

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HeartBleed OPENSSL : Explanation AND exploit [EN]

Heartbleed is the name of a security vulnerability discovered in the OpenSSL software. The latter is an encryption software used by half of the websites to encode sensitive data.

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