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Easy to use

With a clear and simple interface HTTPCS is also for those who have no knowledge of web security.

No installation costs

HTTPCS is a service as a software (SaaS) that requires no installation or machine configuration.

Many kinds of attacks

HTTPCS is capable of detecting all kinds of attacks such as :
- XSS (Cross site scripting)
- SQLI (SQL injection)
- TRV (Directory traversal)
- LFI (Local file inclusion)
- RFI (Remote file inclusion)
- PCI (PHP code injection)
- SCI (Shell code injection) ...

Reliability of results

HTTPCS re-analyses vulnerable pages in order to assure that there are in fact vulnerabilities.

An HTTPCS seal of approval

A seal will be included on the scanned application in order to guarantee a high level of security to visitors.

Help and support

Our Web security experts are available by email, online support or phone :
+33 1 85 09 15 09 Toll Free